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Review on MSI G241 Monitor FreeSync Displayport 1920X1080, 144Hz, Blue Light Filter, Flicker-Free, ‎Optix G241 by Cam Girard

Worth a premium over budget competitors

After spending a week researching literally every aspect of monitors and on a budget of $400 I settled on this MAG321CQR and couldn't be happier. I've switched from Dell's 27-inch 1080p IPS display with a glossy finish and consider it an upgrade in every way. I'm sitting at least 37 inches from the display, otherwise I'd probably find it too big. First of all, in case you haven't already checked it out. already made a decision, visit It's great for comparing products. I also recommend to help you choose your screen size, resolution and viewing distance. Time for this review?Especially considering the AOC CQ32G1 with its extra year of warranty.or to have the monitor display the refresh rate while gaming. It's really one of those quality of life features that help you get the most out of your monitor. You can even download the app to your mobile device to switch profiles or turn them on/off.2. It looks professional. I'm not a fan of red accents or cheap plastic. This monitor is robust.3. USB ports. They're not version 3.0 and not exactly rear-facing, but they do reduce latency if you're using them for mouse and keyboard receivers and your case is under a table.4. Color range. 122% sRGB and 92% DCI-P3 coverage. The AOC CQ32G1 mentioned above has similar specs, but other cheaper models might not. Colors appear to be comparable when using IPS. I actually prefer the matte finish as reflections were a big issue on my Dell.5. Samsung panel. MSI relies on Samsung displays for this model. Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality LED displays and quality control systems, so this is a definite plus.6. bend. Better than flat screens of this size I think unless you use it as a TV. It's really attractive. As for the display in general, my first reaction was that it was big. You have to sit 37 inches away for it to turn into retina, and that's the point at which the average person can no longer distinguish between pixels. At least according to the late Steve Jobs. The first thing I did was go to Netflix and realized I needed the Microsoft Edge browser to stream above 720p. Hold Ctrl + Shift + Alt + D to see your resolution in Netflix if you're interested. I will definitely watch more videos now. CONSI is just finicky, but the blue power indicator in the lower-right corner is bright when viewed from the same height. It's just the height of my bed, so usually either put something in front of it or turn off the monitor before bed. My other complaint is that the weight of the stand is shared between the front of the two legs and the back of the stand, so you might not be able to slide it back as far as you'd like without it leaning off the table and leaning against it On Wall. Not much as you can still tilt the screen to stay level. This design also means you need a larger monitor stand. G sync works great. No dead pixels. Great update. Outstanding brightness. Great contrast. The only missing feature is HDR, as it doesn't have the necessary brightness, but it really isn't worth the extra money given the gaming problems it entails. All in all it's phenomenal. Finally, for comparison, one of the best 27-inch monitors, the LG 27GL83A-B, sells for the same price but has a breakthrough 1ms IPS. If size isn't that important, it might be UPDATE: 5/6/20After a few weeks of casual use, I've realized that unless you enable G-SYNC, ghosting is a real problem with Nvidia cards. After turning it on, it disappeared.

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Pros & cons

  • A good product. Good packaging. I used it in my gaming internet cafe. thanks
  • Definitely a bad product

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