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Review on πŸ–€ Revitalize Your Hair with Herbal Natural Black Hair Shampoo (400ml) by Margaret Scott

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Easy + effective BUT drying + strong smell

Pros: I'm new to coloring my hair at home and it was very easy. I also think this product has helped to even out my problematic scalp somewhat. Cons: My hair feels dry and "crispy" (minus -1.5 stars). the strong, artificial smell of rain does not leave the hair even after repeated washing (minus 1/2 star). I *can* also notice a slight increase in fallout. completely stopped shampooing my natural type 4a/b hair; Now I only use co-wash. I've also used a light liquid oil as a leave-in in the past; I now use a blend of solid flavored oils for more protection and to soften the smell of BioRoos. I use the following coloring process: 1) Lightly dampen your hair with a spray bottle. If you have thick, spongy curls like mine, the product doesn't spread well on dry hair. 2) Wearing gloves, apply the toning shampoo, making sure it covers the roots. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse off. It doesn't stain my skin or my bathroom. 3) Apply a silicone-free conditioner and cover the plastic cap halfway an hour before rinsing. 4) Apply oil and blow dry semi-straight.

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