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Review on Immersive Gaming Experience: ViewSonic XG2431 FreeSync Ergonomics DisplayPort 240Hz HD LCD by Vangele Beck

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Great display, bad design.

You already know the pros of this monitor, here are the cons: 1. Stand wobbles AF. WTF. It's 2022 and you can't cast cast metal properly. As soon as it hits my table, it wobbles for a few seconds. Unacceptable.2. The keys are poorly pressed, poorly marked, shaky.3. As long as DDC is enabled, there is no combination of ViewSonic or other apps that allows you to change all OSD settings within your operating system. This can be done manually on Linux with DDCUTIL.4. Game settings are in 2 different menus which makes switching between game and media/general use mode tedious due to #2 and #3.5. I VERY VERY wish there was a larger version of this display. It feels a bit small even by the old 17 inch CRT.6. "Headphone holder" is a bad joke. None of my 3 pairs work with him. I would have preferred smaller bs and a solid, wobble-free stand.7. Bright annoying blue power indicator. WHY?! Yes, you can turn it off, but I WANT a power indicator. Just use red or green so you don't cut your eyes. My 30 year old CRT does an excellent job with it. Darkroom is NOT a feature.8. ZERO wiring. No, the tiny shackle on the back that lets the cables protrude further doesn't count. I don't need a cable holder for the mouse, why not just let it mount the power, video and USB cables you need? 9. Very dim display with full backlight. Can only be used in a dark room. It's a by-product of technology, so not that big of a deal, but it's worse than other brands. 10. When you switch modes, it changes the brightness EXTREMELY. Macde is worse with: 11. The brightness control only works on normal urine. That's something to reiterate: BRIGHTNESS NULL ESS CONTROL in other modes. It is present in the menu but is inactive and the DDC commands return an error. Overall, this is BIG technology, but a VERY poorly designed package. I would avoid this for heavy use or scenarios that require durability. I assume it breaks fairly easily. A strange combination of quality, still attractive in terms of price/performance, but it comes at a high price.

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  • For the price it really is hard to beat. Motion clarity and pixel response at the highest level.
  • Limited customization options

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