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Review on GIGABYTE M32U-SA: FreeSync Compatible 4K Ultra HD Monitor, 144Hz Refresh Rate, Adaptive Sync, HDMI Connectivity by David Tamrakar

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I wouldn't recommend it initially, but go through Revain and make sure everything is tested

ALT (scroll down and read "Another update"). As you can see, the glow in the bottom left corner is terrible and frankly unacceptable for a $700 monitor. Even after I contacted Gigabyte they were no help and told me the typical bullshit that this glow is normal. Sorry gigabytes but I've tried everything and the glow shouldn't ALWAYS be that bad at 25% brightness and in my office with the lights on. I expected a little more help or respect from someone who has had countless Gigabyte products on my PC, from my MB to my 1080Ti. Edit: Revain came by and sent me a replacement monitor for free. It still has a bottom-left edge issue, but it's gotten a little better overall. I don't have anything left on the right side, but there's still that weird highlight in the bottom left corner, and the blacks look really dark grey, which is a bit off-putting visually, but still better than the first one I got. I've upped my rating to 3 stars because of Revain, but I still count 1 star for Gigabyte's poor approach and 1 star for the fact that for the amount it's worth, this monitor shouldn't even remotely shine. and frankly. They really shouldn't be there when you're looking at IPS TVs with stunning blacks and no shine. Further update: I wanted to give a more up to date review after receiving the new ones as my first 'edit' was right after receiving the new ones only tested a little and was still extremely annoyed with Gigabyte's approach, of course, when I tried to contact them and all they gave me was the Lim's Cave article on IPS glow and how to minimize it, which I was already aware of and tried everything BEFORE contacting Gigabyte and Revain support . The new monitor has turned out to be much better than the one I originally got, but I will say that this monitor has an issue with the underside. left corner because I see several other people mentioning the same thing with this model. All in all it was a nice upgrade from my Asus VG248QE which was an amazing gaming monitor when I first got it 6 years ago but as I'm a web developer now I wish I could go beyond TN and use it something that's still great for gaming, but I can use it for work if I'm working from home. I will add some updated images but I would recommend using them with caution as the phone is trying to capture as much light as possible. This might be an exaggeration. It still doesn't change the fact that you notice the lower left corner with your own eyes during black or dark scenes, but it's more of a flare than when the sun shines on your screen, but I'll say it anyway for the color representation on this monitor compares to the 4K Dell I use at work and my old Asus TN, it's light years better and text is easier to read if you adjust it to yours a few times.

img 1 attached to GIGABYTE M32U-SA: FreeSync Compatible 4K Ultra HD Monitor, 144Hz Refresh Rate, Adaptive Sync, HDMI Connectivity review by David Tamrakar

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  • The monitor's response time is too slow.

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