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Review on ๐Ÿ”ฅ AOC G2490VX: Frameless 1920X1080 Re Spawned 23.8" Gaming Monitor with 144Hz, Wall Mountable Design, Flicker-Free Technology, Tilt Adjustment, and G Series Performance by Lasaro Pranata

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Great monitor, needs a little tinkering.

This is a review of a 27 inch 144Hz flat screen. I just received this monitor yesterday and it was great. I thought my old now secondary monitor looked good but this one is even better. I do the standard pros and cons format, you know the drill. Cons: Stock Settings and Presets? Complete garbage. Don't bother either. What you have to do is go into the OSD and play around with the settings until they look good. The first crappy setting: backlight contrast and brightness. It has this default eco mode crap that dims the monitor and completely messes up the picture quality, like TVs, you have to set the brightness to 100 max. Then you encounter the first problem: shredded squirrels. Things will look a little washed out, not because the colors are washed out, but because the contrast is too low and the brightness is too high. I had a useful tool for that: my old monitor also reproduces colors very accurately and I liked the picture quality and the color settings were set correctly out of the box, I didn't have to fiddle with them much. I used it alongside this monitor to tweak the picture settings to my liking. I set the contrast to 46 and fixed the contrast issue. Looking good now I don't recommend playing around with the gamma settings and leaving them at 1. Gamma setting 2 doesn't look good, and 3 gives you crushed black sand that makes the reds extremely underwhelming. Contrast test webpage is your best friend here to adjust contrast and color, especially when comparing this monitor to another. Then you will find that the colors do not match. This monitor is set to a warm color temperature by default, but to me even a completely flat color temperature didn't look the best with no changes. This was particularly noticeable in the black and white area. As if they haven't really bothered to properly configure the settings for the display. Again using my other monitor as a reference, I adjusted the color temperature and got the following settings: Color Temperature - Custom Settings: Red - 53 Green - 50 Blue - 53 This put the blue brightness on par with my other monitor and balanced the brightness. some more flowers. It also did not let the white color look in the eyes. Some may think that the red appears too bright with these settings. I think that's fine, but if that's your case I recommend lowering the red values and adjusting the others a bit to compensate until you have a satisfactory color palette. I highly recommend starting with these settings and tweaking them to your liking. Don't even do it. Fiddling with the game mode completely destroys the image quality with a stupid filter. There are other settings here, but I personally didn't bother too much. The OSD isn't the worst, but it's not the best either. Changing the color temperature preset resets the brightness and contrast settings, which was annoying to set up. If you accidentally turn off the monitor while using the OSD, which I've done many times, what you just did won't be saved, which is also annoying. Don't worry about the backlight at all, and it's not bad enough to bother me. Comes in a very playful box that says exactly what's inside with nice big flashy pictures so all the pirates on the porch know who's home to steal. If there is a porch pirate issue in your area I would recommend picking it up as soon as possible after delivery or right after. Pros: When you're done fumbling, the display looks great. Colors are vibrant and it looks even better than my already good old monitor, as well as being a little brighter. The refresh rate is what you would expect from a 144hz monitor and I haven't seen any screen tearing so I assume gsync is working. Very happy and very nice to look at. Good brightness, no complaints about the panel. The Overdrive mode works great and does a great job of removing motion blur and ghosting. I personally set it to maximum and found no issues or artifacts. The adjustable stand works well and all the hardware looks well built and engineered. The monitor has the usual thin bezels you would expect from a monitor of this type and fits in very snugly. with my old and looks good. Aside from the red accents, the monitor isn't that playful, so I'd say that's a plus for people who don't like that aesthetic. good to have. Takeaway/TL:DR A very good monitor that needs some work. Definitely recommend, great for gaming and everything. I bet the SVP 4 will look great on this monitor when watching a movie on it. 4/5 stars because it's good but has all the minor flaws I've outlined above and the fact that it comes in a clearly labeled box. If they fix these issues I would definitely consider a full star rating.

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  • Good monitor for gaming. The only problem I have is a dead pixel.
  • no insurance

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