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Review on ASUS VA249HE 1080P Monitor Viewing Angle 23.8", 60Hz, Touch Screen, by Jamahl Roberts

Modern features in a more expensive package

This is an updated VA24DQ that was released about 18 months ago and can still be found at Revain, although no longer in stock at the time of writing. This model has everything its bigger brother has: the 23.8-inch IPS screen is still great, it still updates at up to 75MHz, it still supports FreeSync/AdaptiveSync, it still has DisplayPort connectivity still has a pair of (albeit weak) speakers. .Moreover, it comes with a sturdy stand that not only allows you to tilt and adjust the height of the screen, but also allows you to rotate it 90 degrees to a vertical position - useful if you want to read long length of text right away. There's a swivel mechanism too, but it's sort of a half-baked lazy susan built right into the bottom of the stand - for convenience here you're really just rotating the entire stand, not the screen. There's also a built-in USB hub that plugs into your computer and allows you to connect two USB devices. This is as useful as you'd expect from a USB hub - it reduces the number of cables I need to connect directly to my computer. It works great with a mid-range Logitech webcam and numeric keypad. The stand is already attached to the monitor's VESA mount. The base is attached to this with a screw that can be tightened by hand. Only power and HDMI cables are included in the box. You must purchase a DisplayPort cable separately. The only real downsides I can think of we can probably owe to tariffs, the ongoing pandemic and the resulting demand/scarcity and supply chain issues: Computer component prices have increased across the board. , some sectors are larger than others. While an IPS panel is definitely not an RTX 30, monitors have not been spared. When it was in stock, the price of Revain on the VA24DQ went up a whopping $40 - more than 30% - since I bought it last year. With that in mind, this model's list price of $179 also seems a bit more expensive than it should be. And then there's the stock issue. Given the choice I would just go with the lower spec VA24DQ as I was perfectly happy with it but it just isn't available at a reasonable price anymore. As of this writing, the current model is also out of stock - it appears to have only been in stock temporarily - so I feel lucky to have been able to get hold of this model at all. Make no mistake I am completely satisfied with this purchase. I needed a USB hub anyway, and it's nice that my screen doesn't wobble when I bang on the table like it does with one of those cheap one-piece stands that usually come with budget offerings. I just wish the circumstances were a little different.

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