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Review on ASUS VA249HE 1080P Monitor: Experience Crisp Visuals and Wide Viewing Angle on a 23.8" Touch Screen Display at 60Hz by Mark Berkelo

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Non-player overview

I'm not a gamer and I don't do any serious video work, so I'm not able to look at this in terms of what many consider most important. In fact, my eyesight is far from perfect and I suffer from color blindness. So if you want an overview of the best visuals, look elsewhere. All I can say about its visual quality is that it's great for my needs, with a sharp, clear and bright display. Instead, I'll talk about the features that are important to me. Great stand with easy assembly. When I get a new monitor I usually have to play around with the stand mount and attach the monitor to it. A nasty task that really makes me unable to use this thing. After working with a typical stand for a few days, I ordered a separate desktop monitor mount (which again requires assembly). But the ASUS VA24DQSB stand turned out to be the easiest of the prepackaged installation cables I've ever had. . Far away. Additionally, the stand actually has the pitch and roll flexibility and strength I need. This saves me from having to buy a separate monitor mount, and I was actually able to use this thing within minutes of opening the box. The stand's cable management guides are also rightly less ambitious than others I've seen. Instead of trying to completely hide the cables through complicated setup and hassle of rearranging, a very simple and direct approach is taken. The only downside I can foresee about this stand is that it's heavier than usual. This can be a problem for shipping or moving, but if it is, then it's a minor issue. This is only an issue if you are planning on mounting a monitor and thus wasting the benefits of the stand. Connectivity saves cables and adapters. DisplayPort, HDMI (and VGA) mean that if I haven't been into the DVI world before, I don't have to worry about adapters, which simplifies cabling and means I can easily use it on a wide range of devices now and in the future can use future. I'm using it over HDMI with a Mac mini, but it's not tied to that host. The USB hub offers me 2 USB 3 type A ports in a convenient place. Here, too, the wiring is simplified. I understand that the features I like the most, having used it for less than a week, may not be important to others, but I hope it will be useful to some.

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  • I have no complaints about it, everything is fine

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