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Review on SUSS MicroOptics by Harun Can

SUSS MICROOPTICS is the first company in the sale of lenses and optics

Today I'm going to talk about a company that I've long researched and found to be one of the best companies in the manufacture of optical lenses.
I needed some kind of high-quality refractive lens and because of the epidemic I couldn't go to stores, so I started looking at commercial websites until I got to this company. And I can say that it's really great because it uses high-quality, long-lasting materials, gives guarantees on its goods and delivers orders to the door of the House. It also has many applications such as fiber coupling, slow axis parallelism and lithography, sells hole discs and relies on molten silica in the manufacture of its products.
It offers the finest technology and cares for customer satisfaction and happiness, and has a major center in Switzerland where people go to see and examine products closely.
In fact, it's one of the most powerful companies one of the stronger competitors in the manufacturing and trading of lenses and optics and has a positive effect on the medical field because it offers the products not found in any place.
In the end, it's a successful company with no likeness.

Pros & cons

  • Care about customer satisfaction
  • It is based on high quality molten silica material
  • Nothing