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Review on ๐ŸŽฎ PlayStation 4 Terraria: Enhance Your Gaming Experience by Link Link

Revainrating 5 out of 5

One of the best pixel games


types of difficulty and maps. let's start with maps, there are three types of maps, small, medium and large, small is the worst, since there are fewer resources and chests, the average map is better, it has large caves and many chests, and large dungeons, the best map is large, on it has the most resources, ores, caves, dungeons and chests. types of difficulty is a very useful thing, there are five types of difficulty, the easiest is a journey, the most difficult is hard, the harder the difficulty, the better the rewards and drops from bosses, as well as trophies and pets, sometimes there is a greater chance of getting an item. you can also choose a seed for the map, this helps if you want a certain terrain or find an item by seed.


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bosses. there are many of them, there are event, bromine and story ones, event bosses can only be defeated during the event, you can summon him with the help of items that you must craft or knock out from mobs, but there is a chance that the event will come by itself. biome bosses are bosses that can only be defeated in a specific location, winter, dungeon, sea, etc. story bosses usually come by themselves at night, this is 60 percent of the bosses, the rest of the story bosses can only be summoned in a certain biome, which is not very cool.


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npc. only about twenty NPCs, they can help you or sell some things, you can buy things for go

ld, silver and copper, unfortunately it is very difficult to farm gold, especially at the very beginning, so, things that NPCs sell can be changed by moving them in any of the biomes, the price also depends on the biomes, if he likes some place, then the price will be cheaper, there will be new items and pylons, you can put pylons and teleport to where you put them (you need 2 pylons)the game also has crafting, with the help of crafting you can combine accessories, weapons, bows, guns, grenades and so on, you can also make a house, whatever you want.it is very good and interesting.


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conclusion. this game is very good, it has a variety of weapons, classes (warrior, shooter, mage, summoner) NPCs with their own unique goods, bosses and most importantly a crafting community, all this makes terraria such a good game. so if you choose which pixel game to play, then I will recommend you this particular game. but if you get bored playing it, just download the mods, the best:( calamity, Tmod) they are the best. i hope that we will meet at my next review, so bye

  • Rather big map
  • 19 bosses
  • Hundreds of weapons
  • A lot of npc
  • large selection of classes
  • No plot
  • Old game
  • Farm game