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Review on Mac Auto by Killer Bean

I'm just giving this company a moderate rating because I wasn't able to checkout

A brief history on Mac Auto: Let's just say Mac Auto is another retail company focused on Automotive parts which has actually done quite well over the years since its launch in 1978. For a company which has been around for that long, one can expect quality services because of the experience they would have gathered over the years in terms of customer supports and even marketing. It first went online in 2004 and made its sales through eBay. Initially I thought the MAC was just a word but it turns out the acronym actually stands for Medallion Auto Centers. My Experience: My First time on this platform, i was actually impressed and attracted by the type of interface that was provided by the platform, this actually influenced and increased my positive user experience. Shopping here as well was very easy, just search for desired parts and pick the brand you want and you're good to go. Though the company shipped internationally, I wasn't favoured because my location wasn't among the list of countries that were supported at the moment. My little experience has been nice but not satisfying.

Pros & cons

  • I can't really judge the delivery time, since I couldn't check-out
  • The website of this e-commerce company is intuitive
  • Though international shipping is supported, not every location is favored
  • There are quite alot of blank spaces in some part of the website