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About Safexbikes

Safexbikes is an Indian company with 22 years of history selling spare parts for motorcycles and other two wheelers. During our work we managed to create a unique service for the sale and delivery of spare parts around the world.

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Review on Safexbikes by Kuzey.

Safexbikes, This company was designed for people interested in motorbikes and spare parts that are needed, it is a large stock of spare parts for motorcycles and two-wheeled vehicles. This inventory provides various spare parts for exhaust and...See full review

Safexbikes is amazing!

Safexbikes, is working for 22 years now and they are amazing. Safexbikes is an Indian company that sells spare parts for motorcycles and other two-wheelers. They are currently working and delivering for all around the world. Safexbikes is a place...See full review

Safexbikes, India's first company to sell motorcycle parts online

Safexbikes, is an online store that sells motorcycle parts, accessories and everything related to these motor vehicles. With a website designed in a way that is easy to use and intuitive, it is one of the online stores of this type that offers...See full review

anti-theft mechanism for the safety of your bicycle

For those who prefer to move without damaging the environment and at the same time carry out physical activity outdoors; pedaling a bicycle has become the best option. But sometimes cyclists are exposed to places with little public safety, where...See full review

Safexbikes good, but not for everybody shop of 2 wheelers

Safexbikes is an Indian two wheelers and parts shop. It has more than 22 years experience in this industry. Website interface looks dull. Safexbikes delivers item all over the world. There are hundreds of brands and over the thousands of parts...See full review

You can find the engine part you want in this store

Safexbikes is an India-based online web store that sells spare parts, maintenance tools and accessories for motorcycles. It is the first Indian company to sell engine parts online. First of all, I want to talk about the website. I was amazed by...See full review

One of the best in the region.

Safexbikes is the platform that was established approximately 21 years ago and is one of the best in its region. It was established in the center of India. As we know, India is known as the country where most of the engines are used and preferred...See full review

Review on Safexbikes by Umut Y.

Hello friends, I will talk today in my review about the first company in India that marketed motorcycle and two-wheeled vehicle parts online. It is Safexbikes company that was founded twenty-two years ago and has achieved many successes at the...See full review