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GP Bikes’ journey began in the year 2000 with 5 used motorcycles, a 1200 square foot facility in Ajax, one employee, and a dream. Along the way, we have been eager to serve you with excellence, because we know we owe our current success to you. While aiming to provide the most well-rounded motorcycle dealership, we realized that four renovations and the capacity of our Ajax location just wasn’t enough.

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GP BIKES: Motorcycles and everything you need in your world

In the exciting world of motorcycles with many followers in the world and for all ages, is a very wide world and over time has evolved with the advent of new technologies and emerging sports, this progress has several modes when it comes to...See full review

a digital portal adjusted to the needs of the cyclist

Technology allows you to create and experience dream emotions thanks to the use of a virtual reality world created by experts. Thanks to it, it is possible to live the experience of a motorcycle fan, both to join the track, snow or water to...See full review


The platform deals with bikes, bikes part and accessories. It has different brands that can be shop. It has built good name for itself over the years. I will like to share my view about the platform, product that it offers, contact, means of...See full review


GP BIKES is a store of motorcycles, helmets, shoes, clothes and all what it needs to ride and safety and has well-known brands and has a youtube channel for clips about bikes, competitions and their sales. In 2011 it moved a 24,000-foot facility...See full review

My Review on GP BIKES

If you want to buy motorcycle or motorcycle supplies, water sports supplies, snowmobile supplies, such as GP BIKES is a quality and affordable company that I can easily recommend to you. GP BIKES is a company that has quite good experience in its...See full review

GP BIKES : a great company selling quality tools and quality parts

Hello everyone, I will pass on the information I have gained from my research on GP BIKES. GP BIKES is a vehicle and parts company that sells motorcycles, motorcycle supplies, ATV supplies, water sports supplies and a variety of such materials...See full review

It is a high quality motorcycle sales store based in Canada.

GP BIKES is a bicycle and bicycle parts store that entered the bicycle market about 21 years ago and has so far improved itself tremendously compared to when it was first established. From this Canadian-based store, all your purchases over $ 49 are...See full review

A company serving with a strong infrastructure

GP Bikes is an online web store where you can find all your motorcycle related needs. You can also buy a motorcycle with the link of this website. The products are categorized and it is easy to find what you are looking for. They offer a 10%...See full review

Review on GP BIKES By Umut Y.

GP BIKES is a company with a good reputation in the sale of motorcycles and accessories, it also markets the most famous brands and shipping to many regions of the world. What I liked most is the free shipping of most of the goods sold, it also has...See full review

GP Bike - an example of turning dreams into reality

GP Bike began in Ajax. In the year 2000, one person with dream, which had only 5 used motorcycles star this project and developed it to a big company. That the way how business starts, or how to make your dream become true. Web page has dynamic...See full review