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Description of Hemmings

Welcome to Hemmings, the ultimate destination for car enthusiasts and collectors across the United States! Founded by Ernest Hemmings in Quincy, Illinois, in 1954, Hemmings Motor News has evolved from a humble four-page publication selling 500 copies at 50 cents each to an industry leader with over 219,000 subscribers. At Hemmings, we are dedicated to enhancing the experience of collector-car aficionados by offering a wide range of high-quality products and services, all while upholding our commitment to excellence for both our readers and advertisers. Discover an extensive array of Cars for Sale, covering everything from classic gems to modern marvels. Our platform also hosts exciting Auctions, giving you the opportunity to bid on your dream car or sell your prized possession to fellow enthusiasts. Looking to showcase your collection? Our Dealer Showroom offers the perfect platform to exhibit your prized vehicles and attract potential buyers from all corners of the country. Curious about your classic car's worth? Our Find Your Car's Value service and Classic Car Price Guide provide valuable insights into the current market, helping you answer the question, "How much is my classic car worth?" with confidence. At Hemmings, our passionate team is dedicated to creating an empowering, challenging, and rewarding work environment that drives our commitment to serving the collector-car community. Join us on this exciting journey and experience firsthand the difference that Hemmings Motor News can make in your automotive pursuits.


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Type of review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Company like a rooted sycamore

Hemmings is a company known specifically for car auctions. In fact, the establishment of the company goes back 67 years. After going through a lot of changes, the company has taken this form. There are many services provided by Hemmings company. These; + Classic car sales + Difficult car parts + Shuttle service for private cars. Hemmings has an app for mobile devices. It is very easy to use. I really like Hemmings'…

  • You can join their activities by following them on social media
  • Web sites are very detailed. You can find answers to all the questions you are looking for
  • notting

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Hemmings Motor Auction Company

Today I will like to share my own point of view on Hemmings. Now To My Review. Hemmings is a Motor Company it was established by "Ernest Hemming" many years back 1954 precisely. Hemming motor is well known for Auction of Car's, buying and selling of different types of products both in old & New cars are very much available like, Exotic, classic, muscle, Truck & SUV, all are very much available. Hemmings Motor has a very high quality of all their products, and all were tag with favourable

  • Very simple to use for even a beginners
  • Favourable transactions fee
  • Can't work on average network provider

Revainrating 4 out of 5

it accompanies you to live your passion for collector cars

We all have a favorite hobby or share a passion for something; be it music, reading, dancing and even cars. For those who share a taste for collectible cars; with Hemmings they have the opportunity to enjoy this hobby thanks to the publications issued in this magazine. What do readers find in Hemmings?  Articles about renowned collectible cars and parts  Posting of events about collectible cars, such as exhibitions  Call for participation in summer cruises on car competitions  Calls…

  • Search system for collectible vehicles and their parts
  • Allows readers to find out updates on collectible car products and events
  • It offers a wide-ranging advertising system due to the large chain of readers it has
  • Available in all US magazine and bookstores
  • Available only in the USA

Revainrating 5 out of 5


Hemmings Motor Newe is a company that sells perfect classic cars, opens auction markets and advertises them via publications Hemmings Motor Newe is marketing quality products and disseminating information about these cars, their design history and capabilities. The company was founded in 1954 by Ernest Hemmings, ellenery, author of a book in the field and sold 500 copies to over 219,000 subscribers. In the late 1960s, publisher Erich & Associates bought the company and moved it to Fairmont, and

  • This company has designed a user-friendly website
  • Nothing about it.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Hemmings Company is the best in buying and selling cars

If you are a car enthusiast, and a fan of switching their cars every now and then, if you like to see everything new about cars and their prices, I advise you to download the Free Application Hemmings. This application is owned by Hemmings company, this company has designed this application after the high demand by customers to buy and sell their cars through this company. That this company works as an auction for the sale and purchase of all types of cars and trucks that carry all…

  • Features an easy-to-use and sophisticated phone app
  • Contains credibility and confidence in the work
  • Nothing yet

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Review on Hemmings by Kuzey T.

Hello friends, I will talk today about a company that impressed me with its smart way of working and its strong structure in customer service, Hemmings is an auction for the sale and purchase of all kinds of cars and trucks that are new, old and classic. It also provides a guarantee to the seller and the buyer during the sale and purchase that there will be no fraud, theft or manipulation of the specifications of the cars you sell and buy. I very liked this smart idea that ensures that…

  • It displays all types of cars and trucks on its website and application
  • The dial application is easy to use and very protected
  • No cons yet

Hemmings, if you are a classic car collection or if you are a classic car fan, this platform is the place for you. You can also find cars and any parts of these cars in this store. Here you don't just have to buy a car. If you own a classic car and want to sell it, you can sign up for this store and perform sales transactions for your vehicle using the Sell my car section. There are many brands and varieties in this store. They have a gallery of world-renowned and highly preferred car…

  • They use social media very well.
  • It contains worldwide known brands.
  • They have a mobile application that can be used on phones.
  • There is a trial version available for free.
  • There is nothing negative.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Hemmings company is just wao

Hemmings review is here for you to read through. Hemmings was established in the year 1954 by a founder named Earnest Hemming, he was a persionate and creative entrepreneur with a good reputation for always giving a well pleasing and durable car product. Hemmings is well known worldwide because of its experienced outstanding techniques in meeting up with the needs of customers by delivering the best car of any choice to people. There's almost all the car brands and product In this company and

  • Assesible platform for all customers around the globe
  • very affordable
  • Good customer support team and security
  • 24/7 availability
  • Can be reach through many social means and physical means
  • Buying and selling of both new and old different cars
  • I have not seen any

Revainrating 4 out of 5


This platform has been around for many years with a good tracking tracking record. The platform offers many things that can be access online this includes, platform for buying and selling cars, auctions, and others. The way the platform was arranged was amazing, the platform put information in categories and well arranged despite it has many product and services it offers. It home page is lovely with some product displayed and the needed information on registration, contact, access to…

  • The platform has been is existent since 1954
  • Good security measure
  • Frequently asked questions
  • User friendly
  • Many years of experience
  • More fiat asset should be added