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Review on ๐ŸŽญ 100Pcs Disposable Black Face Masks: Stylish and Protective Masks for Men & Women by Nicole Mcleod

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Of all the disposable masks, these are my favorite. Convenient and inexpensive.

Alas, in our difficult time, we are all forced to wear masks or respirators outside the home. At the beginning of summer, I had been ill with viral bilateral pneumonia caused by the COVID 19 virus (details in the review on CT (computed tomography of the lungs), and if for some time I didnโ€™t really understand where I managed to get infected, then after I found out that in the house where I live, there were several patients with Covid, who are on self-isolation, I realized that I once rode in an elevator with one of these patients. He was without a mask and coughed very hard. I was wearing a mask, but not very well fitting to the face. And a few days later I fell ill too. I was treated for a long time both at home and in the hospital, so I donโ€™t want to get sick again at all. Especially since the consequences of the disease I still have. So I now I wear a protective mask and going into the elevator, I very carefully fit it to my face. I hope, dear readers, you know that the probability of contracting Covid in an elevator is very high, since the room is very small, unventilated, so the virus has room to roam there. โ€ข BETWEEN EXCHANGE I bought and wore various protective face masks, both reusable and supposedly medical, which turned out to be ordinary, and such a plan as those of which my review is. They are not medical, but simply three-layer protective masks. I assume that they are non-medical only because you need to get a special certificate for medical masks. Outwardly, these masks are no different from the medical masks that I bought at the pharmacy. For their manufacture, the same non-woven material was used as for medical masks. I bought three-layer protective masks with a Med Expert nose clip in the WB online store, paying 168 rubles for a package of 50 masks, as in the photo below, i.e. one mask costs a little more than three rubles. These are the cheapest masks I have ever bought. The trademark for these protective masks is called Med Expert, apparently, this brand belongs to IP Arslanova V.F. Well, three-layer protective masks with a nose clip are made in China. This is stated on the label on the back of the package: On the label, the information is in Chinese (presumably), and on the packaging itself - in English. Nothing is written in Russian. Inside the package there is another sealed one, in which the masks were located. In the following photo you can see how the Med Expert protective masks look from two sides: The inside and outside of the mask has a different color. And it's not easy. The outer side, which is blue, is treated with a special agent capable of killing pathogens. At least that's how it should be. That is why it is necessary to wear such masks with the white side to the face. The previous protective masks I bought, which I first rated highly, having worn only one of them, turned out to be half defective - the elastic band broke off during wear. I edited that review, lowering the rating to two, and decided that I would write about the next masks only after I use at least 5-6 masks. And here are my conclusions: three-layer protective masks with a nose clip Med Expert turned out to be not only the cheapest, but also of very high quality. They have soft elastic bands that do not put pressure on the ears at all, the elastic bands are strong, I pulled them on purpose, they did not come off. Of course, wearing masks is in principle uncomfortable, but these are more or less comfortable in this sense. The latch is good, does not unbend by itself. So I put the top five and advise you, dear readers, to pay attention to the three-layer protective masks with a nose clip Med Expert.

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  • Comfortable soft ear straps
  • These are not medical masks.