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Lately, I have seen a number of reviews on online forum and many people are happy with the product they received. In fact, according to some reviews this company has been around since 2010, so... what is wrong? how come their products often show up in Facebook groups as... well.. let's just say not being for sale anymore??
I kept seeing these listings popping up all over group pages, that is when my curiousity got the best of me and I decided to buy one myself. After all, who can resist an offer like "buy now, pay later"??
So here are the reasons why I feel everyone should be aware before handing over their hard earned money:

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1. After you place your order on their website, expect them to send you an email informing you that there is an issue with your order and they need your information in order to make changes (this includes name, phone number, address). You will also be notified that if this info isn't given within 24 hours, your order WILL BE CANCELLED.
2. After doing the modifications of my own accord (I don't really see why I need to provide them with my full name just so they can put it on a necklace..), I received another email saying "we are sorry no payment has been received yet". Again... after giving them my credit card details!!! So I thought... OK let me call them up.

3* Customer service lady informed me that there was a problem with my credit card and they couldn't process it. So I gave her another one to try... same thing!!! After asking her if she could please give me the owner's number, she refused to do so and said "why don't you just go to your bank and sort it out yourself"?? Excuse me for being a customer who wants someone else to take care of THEIR mistake!!!
4*. After calling my bank, turns out that there were 2 charges from on my account which both went through without any issues whatsoever! Maybe not the most astute move on their part?

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5*. When contacting them again in order to get some answers as to why this happened when they have already taken is a company that specializes in making custom pet tags for dogs, cats, and other animals. They are also an online marketplace where you can purchase items such as clothing or jewelry for your pets. However, there are some issues with the business practices of this company on their website which need to be addressed before they continue taking people's money. Pet owners should know that if they have any trouble with their order (whether it’s not being processed correctly or cancelled), then expect to spend time trying to get through customer service representatives who will give you false information about why these problems might exist.

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