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Review on 144-Pack Microfiber Cleaning Cloths - Non-Abrasive, Reusable & Washable (12X16In) | Amazon Basics Blue/White/Yellow by Mitch Garrido

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Recommended for cleaning stainless steel appliances. Great on chrome fixtures, too.

This review is for Walmart Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Non-Abrasive, Reusable and Washable - Pack of 24, 12 x16Color-fast and with a nice edging that does not ravel. I have not tried using these for "deep cleaning."Having read some comments that machine laundering may gradually reduce their effectiveness, I wash them by hand and hang to dry, unless they are unusually dirty. No fabric softeners, of course, as they reduce absorption. I keep clean cloths handy for wiping down the chrome fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom sinks, and shower--expecting by these means to prevent spots of corrosion from developing because the water in So. Cal. being very "hard."I have also found them very good for cleaning our brushed stainless steel refrigerator and Magic Chef microwave oven. We wanted a white fridge, but constraints of sizing and supply forced us to buy stainless, and I was worried because many people write about how it shows fingerprints. The company selling it also sells a special compound to remove them, but I found a DIY online that calls only for white vinegar and a cloth that leaves no fuzz--i.e., microfiber. Keeping a spray bottle of vinegar and one of these cloths handy, I have found that "fingerprinting" is no problem whatsoever.If anyone here is considering getting microfiber cloths for cleaning stainless steel appliances, be aware that brushed stainless steel has a sort of "grain" to it. You can see very tiny lines all going in one direction; that is the "brushing." Spray a bit of the vinegar on a microfiber cloth and wipe in the direction of the grain to remove dirt and fingerprints. Wipe again with a dry section of the cloth to remove any residue of vinegar, which seems to remove the necessity of rinsing, and if any fingerprints persist, re-wiping with a tiny bit of olive oil on the cloth somehow miraculously takes care of them. Polish again with a clean part of the cloth, and done. Most of the time I find I am "one and done” with just the vinegar, and I love these cloths.I like that they came in white, blue, and yellow, so I can assign different colors to different jobs. If there is anything particularly dirty, or a potential for staining, I plan to use the white ones for that, so I can give them whatever laundry treatment seems necessary. By the way, neither the blue nor the yellow has bled into the laundry water and caused trouble with white garments being washed together with these cloths. I recall reading a comment about such bleeding, and can only assume that it refers to a different product, as Walmart sometimes lumps together the reviews for similar, but not identical, products.

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  • I use to use Kirklands which are a taller pile but these are pretty good and alot cheaper.
  • Needs ironing to ensure that it remains flat.