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Review on GTEK Q2765VC Frameless Supports DisplayPort 2560X1440P, 165Hz, Swivel Adjustment, Blue Light Filter, Curved Screen, HD by George Cassanova

Excellent home/office screens

We decided to replace a bunch of old 24" flat screens with these curved (1800R) 27" 2K 165Hz upgrades. Knowing the limitations of the devices we wanted to use, we settled on 2k and 165Hz monitors. This model stood out among the curved screens as being very budget-friendly. My understanding is that the ideal viewing distance of the 1800R is 1.8m and if so I would prefer they are 1500R and ideally at a slightly closer distance (1.5m). ) as the table and chair place the viewer about 3-4 feet from the screen. Each screen is about 24 inches wide, so three of them take up every inch of this 72-inch desk. Each screen has two HDMI and 1 DP. It seems that this makes a serial connection impossible. the monitor is complete junk, but we knew that before we bought it and we don't depend on the screen for the sound. For everyday office work, the Dock/Windows 11 allows full 2k and only 144Hz on two screens and 60Hz on the third. You can get more performance with a Thunderbolt dock, and you'll definitely get better performance if your graphics card connects all three display ports directly. However, Windows itself can become a bottleneck here. slightly better than HDMI 2.0 (both are present on this monitor). The difference is 21+ Gb/s versus a maximum of 18 Gb/s, so I recommend Display Port if your system supports it. For more serious gaming, I bypass the dock and plug in a monitor. The D6000 is also notorious for dealing badly with serious problems. s games, so I blame the dock, not the monitors. I wouldn't call this a "frameless" monitor, but the gaps between screens are minimal. Much of what you see in the picture was purchased from Revain. If you are interested in copying the setup: - GTEK 165Hz 2K Gaming Monitor, 27" QHD 2560 x 1440P Edgeless Display, 1800R Curved - Lenovo Legion 5 17.3 AMD Ryzen 5 5600H - Dell Universal Dock - D6000S with USB -C/ USB-A-HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand - Fully Swivel Aluminum Monitor Mount with Gas Lift (when using VESA 100x100mm)

img 1 attached to GTEK Q2765VC Frameless Supports DisplayPort 2560X1440P, 165Hz, Swivel Adjustment, Blue Light Filter, Curved Screen, HD review by George Cassanova

Pros & cons

  • It's amazing for the price! Gaming in 2K is an amazing experience. Every detail is stunning.
  • I love this monitor but it's not's 144. That's the only reason I can't give it 5 stars.

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