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Review on Denon AVR X4700H Ultra Channel Receiver by Amar Amar ᠌

Good quality product, I rate this purchase excellent.

When buying a receiver, you need to understand that this device is not for playing stereo music. Stereo they, even in this price category, do not know how to cook. On stereo playback, the 4700th surrendered to my integrated circuit without a fight. Denon plays somewhat aloof. It is not airy enough, falls short in terms of microdynamics. The scene is limited to AC. The depth of the scene is poorly developed. However, the tools in the space allotted to them are positioned clearly, although the lack of detail sometimes interferes with this. The Auro-2D mode adds some volume, which would be quite satisfactory if it did not approach the border at high frequencies, after which the sibilants begin. And if he didn't make the bass, though hypertrophied, but somewhat loose, smeared, without biting drummers and with a prolonged front. Although some like this bass, they call it "velvet". But since I am a supporter of device specialization, the above does not bother me at all. In the cinema, when playing multi-channel tracks, the 4700th is beyond praise. It conveys the voices of the artists quite naturally. The sounds are reproduced so realistically, the space is worked out so precisely that sometimes you involuntarily look around - the illusion of being behind is perfect! The bass management of the 4700 allows you to fit the subwoofers into the room very correctly. You can forget about humming, low-frequency special effects sound exactly the way you expect them to sound in real life. I have an acoustically prepared CDP, but Audyssey turned out to be not at all superfluous - the sound of the Denon AVC-X4700H when watching a movie became more natural, collected, accurate. The receiver sang perfectly with the KEF Q series acoustics (950, 650, 350). And, although in stereo KEF sometimes lets Denon down, showing that he is a weak link, but when watching a movie, this bunch works beyond praise! This is a great receiver! And if you slip him simpler speakers that will conceal his shortcomings, then I think that he is able to please when playing music!

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Pros & cons

  • Excellent voice acting in movies
  • Musicality is not enough

Comments (2)

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March 01, 2023
Everything outweighs the sound! and functionality!
October 31, 2022
Got pros: Sound, design, functionality. Full control of even complex acoustics. Excellent and very advanced calibration. With its cons. not a modern menu. old and bulky remote