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Review on Iverntech MGN12 400Mm Linear Rail Guide Upgrade For Ender 3, Corexy, Tronxy, Delta Kossel 3D Printers And CNC Machines With Stainless Steel Carriage Block by Steve Chomos

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Affordable, but needs prep to slide well

These blocks and rails are cheaper than Hiwin or Misumi, but they require some work to slide well. Mine were almost immovable out of the package, and one was missing 13 bearings on one side of the block - each side should have 33. I cleaned my rails with a dollar store scrubby brush and straight, undiluted LA's Totally Awesome concentrated cleaner/degreaser, rinsed, and dried. I completely disassembled my blocks and put all the parts in a tightly sealed jar with more undiluted Awesome, gave it some gentle swirling and let the parts soak for half an hour before thoroughly rinsing/drying. I reassembled the carriages and replaced all the bearings with better quality 3/32s, 33 ball bearings per side of each block. Each block was given some love with Super Lube, and now they slide much better.

  • Provides faster and smoother print speeds
  • May cause overheating of printhead

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