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Review on KeylessOption Keyless Entry Remote Control Car Key Fob Replacement for KOBLEAR1XT 10443537 - Easy Car Access Solution! by Eric Timbeross

Revainrating 5 out of 5

ACCIDENTAL RESET for keyless entry systems

I needed a second key fob for a recently purchased car that only had one (1) key and one (1) fob. I ordered this product when I came through Prime very quickly with instructions to go to the company's website for specific instructions for my vehicle. It was simple and clear and I head to my car. I followed the instructions in detail, the new FOB worked perfectly and I got out of the car leaving the new and new FOB in the ignition. I tried the doorknob and unfortunately I locked the door with the new remote control and was unable to enter. But that shouldn't be a problem ---- I had an old FOB. I restored the old key fob and to my great dismay it no longer worked properly. What was not included in the instructions is the fact that adding a new fob requires all existing fobs to be reset at the same time while the radio in the fob is running. reset mode. I learned of this fact after calling the company and asking how all FOBs could work with the same code. I was told that all key fobs should be reset at the same time. I was stuck without a second key and had to call AAA to gain access to the car. I really like this product, it works great but I really wish there was a precaution in the instructions to prevent ACCIDENTAL RESETS.

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