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Review on TV box Apple TV 4K 64GB, black by Kenta Kato ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The product is completely satisfied, performs its functions.

If you are an honest person who expects that for your money this prefix will give you everything you expect from it . then this will be a bummer. Apple cut its functionality very harshly, too harshly. The only way to watch a movie in 4K on it is to buy it from the Apple store (Or rent it for 50% of the price, but only for 3 weeks). If you've already bought a copy of this movie before, then Apple doesn't care at all, pay again or you won't get 4K. Apple TV+ subscription, 1 year is given free of charge to all buyers of the set-top box (Well, or 2600 are already sewn into the cost of the set-top box - that's who cares). But in the 2022, of course, there is a surprise - Apple TV + content does not have a 2022 translation, only 2022 subtitles. Despite the fact that pirates and semi-pirates already have a translation and it is of quite good quality. No, that's a real shame. I don't mind learning a foreign language, but it's a goddamn entertainment box, not an educational one! And a few words about piracy, I am against piracy, but even more I hate when I am limited in the functionality of the device I bought, it just infuriates me. If you have an iMac or iphone, then there will be no problems with piracy, these unprincipled devices are able to scroll through any pirate video on the Internet in their browser and transfer it to the set-top box via AirPlay. The important thing is that on another device you only need to start playing the pirated video - as soon as the stream starts - the set-top box will already play it completely offline - even if you turn off the device on which you started watching - the video on the set-top box will continue (which proves that the set-top box can play pirated films , but the regular interface does not allow you to do this). As soon as the warranty for the device is over, I will definitely make a Jailbreak, unless of course by this time Apple has added the functionality I need to the set-top box.

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  • Looks beautiful. Beautiful minimalism. The remote control (Yes, it is the remote control) is also beautiful. The designers at Apple don't drive Mercedes for nothing (Ok, I don't know what they drive - but they deserve it) The picture in 4K is very beautiful, the image never slows down, everything always plays smoothly - provided, of course, that your connection allows it. The sound is also cool - I don’t know what the magic is, but subjectively even the built-in TV speakers work with it . better . but the sound is a subjective matter, so we won’t talk about it.
  • Functionality is severely curtailed. This device has a processor from the most powerful iPhone, and does not take full advantage of this, one of the most powerful smartphone chips. It doesn't even have a browser! Absolutely not! And there is no way to install it. If you have an iphone (or iMac), then the set-top box can make the screen of this device out of the TV . the unprincipled iphone absolutely does not care which pirate video hosting sites to watch videos from . and the set-top box associated with it also loses this principle, but more on that in comments. So, oh yes, the remote control of the device, or rather the remote control - it is small, convenient . and just as little functional as the console itself. It has a beautiful voice control button . but in the 2022 Siri does not work (Why does it work on the iPhone?) So it's useless . it changes the keyboard layout. Entering passwords with the remote control is inconvenient. In any case, in comparison with the LG smart TV, which is equipped with a gyroscopic mouse (This is a mouse that is driven in the air and the cursor moves) - there is not even a tenth of convenience - why can't Apple equip this remote control with the same function? Well, yes, well, the remote control will grow to a real remote control - but it will be much more convenient! And the last thing: the set-top box can only make you 4K if the video comes from its own Apple servers - that is, your Apple library or Apple TV + subscription series, and nothing else. No other applications that you put on the console (for example, ivi, Amediateka, HD-kino, etc.) can use 4K encoding. Even Youtube on the set-top box will not allow you to watch videos at 4K . despite the fact that Youtube on the built-in Smart TV shell does this without problems, and at the same time, the processor in the TV is several orders of magnitude weaker than that monster in the set-top box (This can be seen from the work of the shell itself - The Smart TV shell does not always work smoothly - unlike the set-top box - despite the fact that Youtube 4K video itself on a TV without a set-top box - works no worse and also plays smoothly.

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July 13, 2023
Some pros: Now content is shared from the phone to all TVs Got cons: American plug but not a big problem
May 29, 2023
Pros: Works very nice out of the box, no lags and easy to set up Has some cons there is no protection against false alarms at the remote control - as long as you take it correctly in your hand, you will definitely swipe somewhere

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