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Review on 1800wheelchair by İlqar Agayev

My thoughts about 1800wheelchair

Hello there. The review I will write today will be about the 1800wheelchair. 1800wheelchair is a US based store created in 1997. This store, which has developed itself in the sales of wheelchairs, is very famous in the USA thanks to the events it organizes and has become a brand that people who use these chairs buy the most. I think it's thanks to the advertisements that are so known and loved by people. Although it is not a global store, it is possible to see the products sold by this store in other countries.

Because the quality of the products sold is guaranteed and this makes people comfortable. If we look at customer feedback, we can see that what I wrote is correct. Because almost all of the customers' comments about this store are positive. This is a great demonstrator and it is very difficult to keep this satisfaction high. But as we can see, this store achieves this. The fact that the products sold are also outside the country means that the store may become global in the near future. This is my review for now, but if there is any new thing about the store, I will let you know. 

Pros & cons

  • A large and well developed store
  • A store known and loved by people in its industry
  • If we look at customer feedback, we can understand how high quality and cheap the products the store sells.
  • I think it is among the stores that may become global in the near future
  • I couldn't see a bad side of store