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Review on Smartphone Apple iPhone 14 Pro 256 GB, Dual: nano SIM + eSIM, deep purple by Ada Banas ᠌

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The quality is at the highest level, be sure to try it.

I ordered with delivery to the point of issue. There were fears that it would arrive either poorly packed, or that it would be rumpled along the way. Or an already opened box (I also met such a description on the Internet). But I was lucky - everything came well packed in a pimply film, plus the seller put a diary with a hard cover as a gift, the iPhone box was attached to this diary in a wrapper. And this was also a plus - greater rigidity for transportation. The box was unopened with all seals. I opened it at the pick-up point, so that there were no surprises. Summing up, I will say that I am satisfied, ating through such a number of models brought a lot of positive emotions. But everyone who decides to switch from Android phones should still study the issue on the Internet, since iOS has a completely different approach to everything, with its own specifics. # 151332320, ordered at the RT Retail store.

  • The speed of work - everything just flies. The previous phone was the iPhone 6, I still like it, but modern applications are no longer very attractive. You have to wait for a download. I really liked the camera with shooting modes. Night shooting produces decent results (I give all this in comparison with my old iPhone 6). The front camera also adequately shoots with the use of different effects. I liked Face ID - it always works flawlessly. There were problems with Touch ID, especially in winter, when the skin on the hands dries and cracks because of this, I had to recreate the imprint. An interesting thing about dynamic island. Applications including Sber restored using imazing. Although you can use a ball (but it was unavailable for me on iOS 12). The battery pleases, it turned out with an average use to last about three days. Screen size and usable area.
  • Well, first of all, the price. Pleasure is not cheap. Dimensions - after 6, the phone has grown in all directions. As a person with an average hand, it is sooo hard for me to write messages with one hand. Reach out to the opposite side of the screen - this one is still the Kamasutra. Maybe people with a larger complexion and hands - this is not a problem. As an option, type with two hands, or use the mode when the keyboard narrows to one side of the screen. Still, rather, as a lack of elaboration of the interface in the iTunes Store - a very small field with the name of the song. The title just doesn't fit. On the other hand, the neighboring column with the rating of the melody is stretched decently, when it can be reduced three times. Previously, on iOS 12, everything was more harmonious in this regard. Didn't like how iBooks or Books were redesigned. Why did they remove the page flipping mode?!?! This was the main feature of this reader - now, as in ordinary android readers, the sheet completely leaves the screen. It's just no words. Well, you can no longer write about the lack of Apple Pay. Apple wallet will not appear on double-click until it has at least one linked card. There are tips on the Internet on how to add a store card there so that the double tap will work (I have not tested it yet).

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