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Review on 🧼 Dual Action Dishwasher Cleaner: Combat Grease & Limescale, Fresh Scent, 8.45oz by Robert Davidson

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Finish Dual Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers! - all pros and cons about this

Hello, friends! Recently, I have become more and more interested in environmentally friendly products. And it's not just about food. I switch from plastic to glass and ceramic containers in the kitchen, buying eco-friendly shampoos, creams and detergents. I don’t know if all products with the big name ECO really live up to their promises, but I want to believe that they still cause less harm to our health and the environment. Perhaps someone thinks this is all just advertising or fashion, but I still really want to believe in miracles. My obsession with IVF and BIO, however, does not exclude technical progress in my house for me. For my dishwasher, I also began to buy various ECO options for detergents. Moreover, the completely natural composition of some of these detergents, such as Ecover dishwasher powder, After testing several of these "sparing" products ... The condition of the dishwasher began to gradually deteriorate. And, by the way, Ecover is still flowers, it really is not so bad compared to our domestic manufacturers. So, after testing another super-duper that is so environmentally friendly ... which, however, does not wash dishes at all ... not only dishes, but also the machine was simply overgrown with fat! This white Jew in the photo is indelible fat! And he's everywhere in the car! Once I already saved my dishwasher from limescale after testing domestic tablets for the Elly dishwasher, but I see so much fat for the first time! Elly left a white coating everywhere, but the dishes were washed! Everything here is just dirty and greasy. Yes, and the smell of fish, in my opinion, soaked the whole car through and through ( The time has come for a friend that has already been proven once - the killer chemistry of Finish 5 in 1 dishwasher cleaner. The tool is the easiest to use. With the lid just peel off the sticker The lid does not need to be unscrewed. And in an empty dishwasher (without dishes), this jar is installed with the lid down in the lower tray Start program - maximum temperature Everything, you can safely forget about the problem! After the wash cycle is completed, an empty bottle remains And a "fat-free" drain hole Yes, and a filter that was not even washed with Fairy Magically updated. And all filter parts are like new The fishy smell is gone! Summary, in my opinion, is obvious. Dishwasher Cleaner Finish 5 in 1 did the job with a bang! As for me... My experiments with IVF products are over. Of course, I am for a healthy diet and the environment, but why do I need a dishwasher in the house, since I ALWAYS wash the dishes after it with my hands, and undissolved fat flows into the sewer, which, by the way, is our far from ideal sewage system, crystal does not add purity. So it won’t take long for the typewriter to break down, and the sewers to become clogged ... I will wash children's dishes with my hands, and for adults I'd rather test eco-friendly rinses.

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  • Cleans the machine, copes with various types of pollution
  • Terrible chemistry!

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