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Review on GoPro and Action Camera Headrest Mount by Tackform – 10.75 Inches by Ronggolawe Denney

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Give up the sucker, use this.

I've used this mount in various vehicles. As others have said, it's a cut above suction cup mounts for in-vehicle shots. Suction cups are great for getting certain odd angles provided that you can find a secure attachment point.Headrest mounting position, the angle also looks cinematic - almost a classic over-the-shoulder shot.a few small plastic pieces.It attaches around the headrest with a small hex head screw for ease of attachment and detaching a bit difficult but not too much (and probably stabilizes the recording as well.) The only time I've had an issue with this mount was in a car.They use a new headrest design or combine the headrest with the seat (like the seats in Tesla cars) The whole length is very easy to adjust in position n Go to the pro and get different angles. Thanks to its wide angle, the Go Pro captures the driver, passenger and middle group with enough headroom to get some context even outside the windows. vehicle recordings.

  • Rock Solid Adjustable Bracket > All-aluminum arm with dual omnidirectional locking balls and dual locking elbows for the perfect shooting angle. Lever length between ball joints 10.75".
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