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Review on Beats Flex Wireless Earphones Built Headphones by Kiyoshi Nakazawa ᠌

Not everything is so bad, but there are disadvantages.

All in all, I really don't know what to say other than I'm disappointed with my Beats Flex purchase. HONOR Sport AM61 on ordinary days are 2 times cheaper than the "Bits" on Black Friday. HONOR Sport AM61 play louder, the quality is not top, probably, but not worse than Beats Flex - that's for sure. And in the ears, the Chinese keep better. And the wires are softer. The same magnets (though without the start / stop function) are available. Plus, in Chinese there is a plug on the micro-usb socket (yes, not Type-C here). They are definitely not afraid of rain, even torrential. That, in fact, is all I can tell about my unsuccessful experiment. In general, I am a supporter of the Apple ecosystem and I own not only an iphone, but also a Macbook, two iPads. But I am skeptical about AirPods at this price, short life (2 years on average) and impossibility of maintenance (battery replacement). It didn't work out with bits either. It would be better to buy two sets of HONOR Sport AM61 for the same money. For 2 years they would definitely be enough. With soft wires, comfortable ear cushions and the same long charging.

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Pros & cons

  • - Quick connection with iPhone (I had to connect with Macbook manually. And it took time. I thought there would also be an automatic connection). - Quality build.
  • - I never liked the Wires like noodles, but I hoped that everything would be fine with this case for the Cupertino people. Wrong. The relatively round wire is rather hard, which is why when you wear the headphones and turn your head, the earplugs themselves strive to pop out of your ear. Yes, and the wire itself is forever twisted dangling under the chin, and does not hang straight. It's really stressful. Even if you stuff the headphones deeper with the smallest ear pads, because of the rigidity of the wire, the headphones still begin to come loose in the ear and fly out. With medium, double and especially large ear pads, the story is similar - they quickly release and fly out. Of the ear pads available in the kit, it was not possible to choose normal ones. This is, in general, trash . It looks like I'll have to look somewhere for silicone hooks for headphones. If anyone thinks that I have non-standard ears - there are also Sony and Panasonic wired earplugs - everything is fine in them, because. the wires are thin and soft. By the way, Panasonic is already 12 years old and they work better than the one-year-old Sony. The Beats Flex are very quiet. I'm not deaf, but I like to listen to good music loudly. At least a few tracks a day. Even native headphones from the iPhone 11 (wired Apple EarPods) work much (!) Louder. Before Beats Flex, I used HONOR Sport AM61 headphones. Also on a cord behind the neck, it also holds 11 hours of charging. In them, on the contrary, the ear pads are very clingy. From them, even the ears start to hurt after a couple of hours, if you choose the wrong size of the ear pads. But even the medium size fit me perfectly, and I almost didn’t feel the small size ear cushions. Is that the "bottom" in them disappear due to leaks. I stopped listening to HONOR Sport AM61 and decided to buy Beats Flex, because. The Chinese only lasted a year. First, crackling in the ears began to appear, and then the ears began to turn off in turn when turning the head. Symptoms are wire damage. Otherwise, Chinese headphones only pleased. The same headphones have been working with my son for more than a year. Maybe I somehow damaged them myself.

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November 16, 2022
Has some pros Simple, compact. The sound (of music) is good. The sound for the interlocutor - how lucky, but even through the scarf / buff you can hear me Its cons: Initially, the headphone wires are twisted, at first they will have to be "straightened", I just hung them on a hook (magnetized).
November 16, 2022
Its pros: Super sound! And it is very convenient to use as a headset. Some cons: Wish there was more battery life

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