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Review on Beats Flex Wireless Earphones Built Headphones by DaHee Cheon ᠌

A very high-quality product, I take it not for the first time.

Wired UrBeats3 under Lightning began to die, I thought about returning to wireless ones, but first of all I wanted full compatibility with the iPhone. Drops in the ears - did not want to. There were wireless AirPods - at one time they were bullied by the fact that they die too quickly in the cold, and then you stagger without music, plus the battery in one of the "ears" began to die there and the sound disappeared in one channel faster than in the other. Such to yourself. Soundproofing in style - let the whole car listen to "Pnevmoslon", and I will listen to what is happening in the car, I got the same. Decided to take this budget model. First of all, I was pleased with the absence of any garbage such as ear buds, indistinct forms - everything is simple: plugs connected by a jumper on the neck, there are funny colorings - I'm fine. Plus, they promised compatibility with the Apple ecosystem - and what is indicative of it was given. The ears are cheap - you immediately feel it as soon as you take it in your hands and when you open the package, but at the same time everything is done moderately carefully. Of course, where it is thin, it breaks there, let's see how long the wires last, but something like that, maybe the battery will die earlier. By the way, it requires regular recharging, but for me it's a pain - since there is no Type-C charging, and the bundled cable is just that. But I like the sound - it's still cleaner than the UrBeats3, the drivers are not bad, the soundproofing is also good. Solid and budget (by the standards of Apple) ears. I recommend.

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Pros & cons

  • 1. Normal sound for your money 2. Battery, basically normal 3. Magnetic fastening between the headphones - very convenient 4. Native for iPhone - they are easily identified, the system sees them fully, even cool animation is played when connected 5. The price is adequate. Headphones are budget, by the standards of Apple.
  • 1. I don’t like the cable - Type-C to Type-C included, I don’t have a charger with such an output at home. I charge from Power Bank'a. It comes out kinda crooked. 2. The sound is Beats, in some places the highs and mids fall apart, but by and large, I like the way they sound - I like them more than UrBeats3 3. Form factor - throw it in your pocket and forget how it will not work with the usual AirPods, but there is no case included. Only wear around the neck. 4. The battery is good, and it is in a warm place, but still, it could be better, plus self-discharge is felt

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November 16, 2022
In general, I recommend
November 16, 2022
Its pros: They won’t get lost, the microphone is excellent, the sound is decent, battery, wires, price (took for 3300) Got cons: For some reason, it doesn’t show the level of charge in the status bar, but it writes in the application, and in principle this is not necessary given that they work for a long time

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