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Review on TicPods 2 Pro Plus True Wireless Earbuds Independent Connection Bluetooth 5.0 With Dual-Mic Semi-In-Ear Design Voice Assistant Head Gesture Touch Controls IPX4 Water Resistant 20H Battery, Ice by Brad Mastermind

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Marginally better than the Pros

I already own the TicPods 2 Pro and I have been very pleased with them. These buds have become my -go-to earbuds at home and when I’m out and about. The TicPods 2 Pro Plus buds have made some changes to an already great formula, but is it worth upgrading or buying them over the regular Pro’s?The Pro Plus buds still come in one of the smallest and lightest cases I’ve ever seen. It is small enough to put in a jeans’ pocket watch. It’s also fairly secure. It has a USB-C port and some LED status lights. I kind of liked the ridged texture of the regular Pro’s better, but it really does not make any difference.The buds themselves also retain the exact same design, with the prolific stem and tipless bud that simply rests on the ear. Originally, I was not a fan since I felt that I did not get a good seal. However, over time, I have come to appreciate the simplicity when putting them on or taking them off.I am also happy that the touch controls have remained the same since everything can be controlled from the buds. They are responsive, intuitive, and easy to learn. There’s also the auto-play/pause feature when taking one bud out. One difference from the regular Pros is that the controls still work when using only one bud. The gesture controls, where nodding answers or denies calls, are still gimmicky, but work as described.Quick commands are also available where you don’t have to say the wake-up word to issue simple commands like raising the song forward/previous, play/pause, etc. There are more commands this time like volume control and it seems more responsive than before. The "Hey Tico” wake-up word is still a thing that I use here and there.The 20-hour battery life is still the same, but the Pros Plus buds now have a quick charge feature, which adds 1 hour of playtime with a 5-minute charge.The Bluetooth 5.0 offers a strong connection, even at decent distances. The Pros and Plus offer aptX (thank you!) and I did not perceive any lag when watching videos and playing games. Calls come in extraordinarily clear in quiet and noisy, windy environments.The sound is surprisingly good, considering that there is no seal. Out of the box, the bass is decent, although it will not win over any bassheads. The mids and highs are slightly pushed forward but are not fatiguing or piercing. One must be in a semi-quiet environment to appreciate the sound signature, which is quite clear and distinctive. By using the Mobvoi app, which I strongly recommend downloading, you get different EQ options. I personally find the "Rock” setting to be the best in my opinion. In this EQ option, I feel the sound is fuller and more expansive. There is a distinctive channel separation and spacious soundstage which perhaps can be best described as natural and "out of my head”. Again, it is hard to appreciate the sound in noisy environments. In those cases, I choose to casually listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks.Speaking of the app, it brings many options that add quite a bit of value to the experience. If you get these buds, please download the app immediately.Are these better than the original Pros? Yes, but only marginally. Although there are some welcome improvements, the sound signature, design, and unique features remain basically the same. These may not for everybody -especially if you want to get away from the outside world. In my case, they are my daily buds. If you do not already own the Pros, get the Pros Plus -you will not be disappointed.

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  • Long-lasting battery life of up to 20 hours on a single charge
  • The earbuds may not provide enough noise cancellation for noisy environments