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Review on LG 29-Inch UltraWide Monitor with FreeSync, 2560X1080, 75Hz, OnScreen Control, Flicker Safe, Key Lock, Black Stabilizer, HDMI, HD by David Barraclough

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Very good 29 " ultrawide monitor

I was skeptical about choosing this monitor over the LG 29UM67 as I couldn't find any review of this monitor. I was able to see an unboxing video of this monitor and a few short videos, but there are no real reviews here at Revain. I'm definitely keeping an eye on this monitor, especially given the fluctuating price. I bought it before Thanksgiving and the lowest price I saw was $313.65 (free shipping). That's not the price I bought it for. I bought it at a higher price because I was looking for a reliable seller. Unfortunately, Revain does not sell this. I chose IPC Store as it is the first seller on the list to have a Revain return policy. Better to be safe than sorry. Different sellers have different return policies. And this seller delivers very fast. After 3 days I received it. Well I missed the UPS delivery but it's very fast. So it came in a big box which is a bit heavy. There is no more packaging. That's all. The packaging is very good and you know that the monitor is safe in transit. It comes with a power cord (not a bricked one), a display port cable (which I don't need) and a USB cable (regular to square, blue). The USB cable is the same as the one that comes with the printers. The square end goes to the monitor. You cannot use this USB cable to view videos. It's just designed to expand your computer's USB port. It's like having 3 more USB ports (nominally 5V) on the right side of the monitor (when looking at the monitor). The box also contains some documents, 4 screws and a CD. Connections: 1 DVI (white) 1 Displayport2 HDMI1 Audio IN1 Headphone OUT3 USBI as stand. That is hard. The square base is a heavy plate with a rod attached to it. There is a screw on the bottom to attach the retractable pole. No screwdriver required. It is very easy to turn. The other end of the stand attaches to the back of the monitor. There are 2 pins on the top that fix the post. You will need a screwdriver to tighten the 4 screws on the back. Then everything is ready. By the way, you need to remove the locking pin on the bar. This will prevent the post from expanding. You have to use some kind of pliers to pull it out. Even without an HDMI cable connected, you can turn it on to see if it works. Connect the power cord from the back. There is a power switch next to the power connector. Once you turn it on, you have to press the white rocker button on the front under the LG logo. Without pressing this button, the rocker suggests that the monitor is not working at all. Please note that the monitor will go into sleep mode and turn off when there is no video signal input. I have an HP Pavilion that is 5 years old. I connected this monitor. I had to play around with the display settings in Windows 10 to extend the display to this monitor or make this monitor the only display. Voila! The image was automatically stretched to full screen. There are no black bars. Can't write about volume. That's right. According to the specification, it is only 5 watts. I find it loud enough for my needs as I'm always in front of it. I think the speaker exits at the top where you can see the vents all the way to the top sides. Volume control from your computer. Now if you're using it as a family TV in your living room, you need a better sound system. As you can see, you can tilt it slightly. you can flip it You can adjust the height. You can rotate this vertically (why would you?). See specifications for actual measurements. One of the reasons I chose this version over the UM version is the adjustable height and the extra USB ports. As for the display, I'm not a color expert, but I like the hue. There is a good contrast. Also, this monitor is very bright at 300. I had to dial it down 10% on the dial. Please note that you cannot adjust the brightness on the computer. I tried it and there was no effect. When you look at pixels, you have to be very close to the screen to see them. I'm not a gamer and I have no problems with response times. It doesn't have the fancy free sync from the UM monitor. I installed the driver, true color, dual control and screen split software directly from the LG website. An installation disk was included in the box. Not sure if this is current or not so I went straight to the site. Unfortunately they don't work. Maybe because my computer is very old. I'll check again when I get my new computer. The weight of this monitor is not light. It doesn't seem difficult at all. You may also need a stable table for this. Please note that this is an IPS monitor. Luckily there is no backlight backlash or IPS glow. Year of manufacture September 2015. Made in China. Overall I like this monitor. I mainly use it to increase performance. Now I can open 4 different browsers and have more space for other windows. Update: 09/24/2016 So far this monitor is still great! I haven't had a problem with that yet. This works as expected.

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  • It works great
  • Unattractive design.

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