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Review on ICObuty by Matt Crawford

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This ICO is ICOShoddy, not ICObuty!

Hmm, what do we have here, hmm, what do we have here? What is ICObuty, the purportedly fashionable online retailer? Please don't laugh at me! When I stumbled upon this page, I wasn't expecting to find what I did. The apparel selection was laughable, with items that seemed as though they had been produced by a first grade class. The shoes, on the other hand, were so bad that I wore three pairs of socks simply to get through the day. And how about we chat about their cosmetics? My hair has never looked worse after using the hair care products. What about the hair ornaments? To put it bluntly, I wouldn't trust them to hold my dog's hair. The customer service was much less helpful than a chocolate teapot. When I emailed them to inquire about my shipment, I received a canned response that made me want to pull out my hair. (not that I had much left after using their hair care products). In sum, ICObuty is a ridiculous parody of an online retailer. You can go ahead and shop there if you want to buy low-quality items and receive unhelpful service. But if you have any common sense, you'll avoid this catastrophe.

  • Site is simple to navigate, and purchasing is a breeze.
  • Small maintainability