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Review on Samsung Galaxy S9 G965F (International Version) by Agata Koczan ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A good quality product, I rate this purchase perfectly.

iPhone defeated: this is the first smart from the Koreans, which I wanted to switch to. Let me tell you, I have no regrets. The device turned out to be very ergonomic, wherever you look - they have worked on it everywhere, which is good. The ergonomics of the smart is at its best, makes me happy every day and this is the only smart that I want to change, which I will not do very expensive. Smart phones from Samsung have always scared me away, but now the situation has turned 90 ° - now Korea sets trends in HOW to shoot. The verdict is 5, there are flaws, but this is more of a nitpick, it always does well, and every new smart is a solid “something has changed, but you won’t see it without a device.” If you are thinking of switching from younger models / changing platforms to it - take it, you can't go wrong.

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  • Yes, design. "Don't break what works so well" - this is the slogan that hung over the designer's desk in the Korean office. The design has not been changed at all - it's all the same rounded glass, metal frames and a nice coverage of the smart in your hand. The Koreans heard us and moved the scanner to the place where it should be, for which HUGE thanks. In general, there are minimum changes so that no one is offended. - Screen. I will not talk about him for a long time, he is good. In the sun you can see everything more than perfectly, bright, juicy, everything we like. The frames are not large, a Boeing is not a Boeing, but you can put a fat fly on them. But overall, he's great. Saturated, with a real color picture and good factory calibration, without PenTile and greenery in the corners. Sobsna, if the iPhone X was done at the level, then you also need to do it right for yourself. - Sound. AKG x Samsung is juicy. The sound is really pleasant - dense, juicy, without whistling and hissing frequencies, with a good volume margin and bass, not fat, but not very bad, they did a great job. The bundled headphones also play great, with Dolby Atmos it's generally good. - AUX. No comment - Battery. Keeps the day calm, in social network mode, YouTube and that's all. - Fast charging. Nice, very helpful. - Camera. Night shooting is very good, the pictures are generally juice. Well done, it looks like they put a lot of effort into it. - Moisture protection and a guarantee for it. Something for which Samsung fell in love separately. - A very bushy set and here they obviously didn’t take pity. - Ultraviolet - very juicy, beautiful, a guy with this color is easy to imagine. - Modem. In terms of speed, everything is ok, with MegaFon you can achieve unrealistic speeds. The quality is ok, there are no communication dumps. - Expandable diaphragm. Photographers immediately understood what it was and why. For simple cloisters, I will explain - on the minimum diagram, the camera smears. To prevent this from happening, here the module itself shoots with a minimum F, but at the same time with a closed mechanical shutter.
  • - An incomprehensible shift of ports closer to the bottom edge, that's why it was? It looks asymmetrical, and perfectionists will only hurt their eyes this way. I still do not understand the gaps between the glass and metal. Dust and dirt just begs to get into them, not good. - Glass and metal are very good. It’s always beautiful and expensive, but right from the box you want to hide all this beauty in a case, because if it falls, it’s easier to buy a new one than to pay for a replacement display. - "Smart Scan" works VERY clumsily. Once through it finds a face or irises, sometimes it asks for a finger or a password. I turned it off, I use a bunch of iris / finger / pin code, because sometimes it takes too long to wait for a “smart”. - There are a couple of questions about wireless charging. Gentlemen, why so slowly? Of course, I understand everything, but he needs to stand for 8 hours in order to rise from 10% to 100%. Well, it's kind of slow, don't you think? - Not a very tasty joke in a phone that costs 80,000 RUBLES - the paint is peeling off the platform for the fingerprint scanner. No, seriously, my paint came off in a little more than a year, how is it, Samsung? - The hybrid slot also amused me. They explained something there, they say, it didn’t work out. But seriously - look, the A8 has two slots for SIM and SD, but the flagship does not? Well, how is it? - SelfieMoji. Em? Sort of "I urgently need something similar to AniMoji mom give birth to me back"? I didn’t even use it, and why I need it is not clear. - It's a shame for the usual S9. Why did you cheat him so much with a telephoto? iPhone 7/8/Plus entered the dance chat. - For those switching from S8 - no, I won’t ask you at every corner “THIS IS S9, SHOW YOU WHAT YOU CHANGED SMART !”

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