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Review on Fostex T50RP MK3 Semi-Open 🎧 Studio Headphones, Designed for Professional Use by Rimba

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A wonderful product, it's nice to use.

I simultaneously compared the T50RP MK3 with the T20RP MK3, T40RP MK3 and Fostex TH-900 MK2 on the same source. In addition, I am familiar with the sound of Fostex TH 600 and a number of others in the range of 20-60 And the last ones are the best I've heard from the closed type. But their top is too high, it is unpleasant for the ears. I only came to the store because I accidentally stumbled upon the T20RP MK3 reviews. I thought that it could not be that for 12 thousand ears were praised so much. And so, in fact, I don’t need headphones, otherwise I would take something like Grado from the top. I can only say that earlier in each ear I found minuses in the sound. With no exceptions. And so I decided to listen to the T20RP MK3, and let it lie in the closet for better times, if you like it. There is no desire to put 50 thousand or more in the closet. That's the backstory. On listening to the T20RP MK3, it immediately became clear that they were deaf. OK, carry, I say, T40RP MK3. Have brought. Worse! Impossible to be deaf, the bottoms are crushing, there are many of them and they are sluggish. Everyone writes that the bass is not enough for weak sources. I don’t know, maybe people have TOTALLY something with their ears, a total perverted concept of bass sufficiency, it seems. Because bass is more than enough on any source. And by the way, although the 40s are open, the sound is like in a shell, the most closed, the 20s are better, but also so-so in this regard. So, when they brought the T50RP MK3, I immediately knew that I would take them. Everything is so harmonious, so balanced! No shells (although they are "semi" closed, but they sound like open ones), no bass rumble, resolution is enough, the middle and top are bright, but not pressing on the brain, like TH-900 MK2 (no need for nothing!). It is impossible to listen to the 900s loudly: the brain is splitting, and their “shell” is obvious compared to the 50s. I won’t say that the 50s have the perfect sound, but the one that is better, I heard only in SIGNIFICANTLY more expensive ones. But he wasn't much better. But still listen for yourself, otherwise they praise the 20s and 40s, but to my ears they are horror and horror-horror, respectively, when compared with something like the TH 600.

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  • + price WITHOUT regard to sound quality + sound. He's exactly what I want. By the balance of frequencies, the openness of sound. + interchangeable wires of different sizes included, long ends with a 6.3 jack (non-separable), short 3.5 jack + The amplifier is quite inexpensive. Contrary to the fairy tales on the net. In recent days, a lot of sound sources have been listened to (in the sense, headphone outputs). The apogee was a head-to-head comparison of the Sennheiser HDV 820 and Fiio K5. Realizing that I could not catch any difference, it finally became clear: there is no point in paying more than for the Fiio K5. My external audio card has a headphone output of only 20mW per channel at a load of 47 ohms, and the difference in the ears is only in volume: it is enough back to back, there is no margin, but there is no distinctly noticeable difference in the sound QUALITY either. Fiio K5 claims as much as 1500mW per channel (plus or minus at close loads). And yes, it gives my headphones as much volume as I can’t carry. Like my speaker amp with its stock headphone output. And their sound quality is the same again. At least within the perceptual error on my headphones. I also compared the sound with my DAC (amplifier for speakers and its own headphone output), and with the DAC of an external sound system (the output from the card is fed to the Fiio K5). My home amp has probably even more volume margin, although the Fiio K5 has it in abundance, but the sound quality is similar. GOOD. Obviously, because the quality of the sound path in many devices has reached a level where you just need to choose headphones that suit your hearing and music, and stick them anywhere, the main thing is not to be random, otherwise you can run into some Musatoff HA-5, which costs 16 Thousand, but does not give any amplification (at the same time I listened to the two indicated).
  • - controversial way to adjust the headband - the controversial way of laying the wire between the sinks - artificial leather ear cushions - it's hot in them, it's better to replace - a small scene in sound (you don’t have to want everything for 12 thousand) - those who like to listen very loudly should buy an additional normal amplifier for them. - open! your music is also heard by others, although not as loudly as in real open ones. The stage is narrow, but the truth is, it is no less than that of many, many headphones, even for much more money. And then, this is an unobvious minus, if you are not yet a very experienced listener in this matter. And is it really that important, even when you can recognize it, because "narrow" does not equal "unacceptably narrow". Those. in principle, you won’t even notice on most tracks, but forgive the rest, because for such ridiculous money they give you a sound, the price of which is much higher among competitors. Take the same Bayers dt770pro. They are with a chic resolution, but the bottoms are clearly not enough. That's where it's not enough! Not in Fosteks! In Fosteks it varies from "just right" to "brute force". In any case, before you buy sound, ALWAYS go and listen. If possible, on what you will listen to yourself, or on a similar quality / power. Never buy on the internet. Even according to mine. Because I have my own concept of good sound, and my own preferences in music. By the way, T50RP MK3 metal is PERFECTLY chopped, there is more than enough meat in them. It's such a thing, you may be used to "basins are knocking down", so it seems to you that the sound with insufficient bass. And it's normal, it's just that you didn't hear a good sound. This is very common. I don’t want to offend anyone, I’m just saying that it will be difficult to rebuild, and if you don’t want to change yourself, then you just need to choose for yourself. These Fosteks are for those who like normal, reasonable bass. The basins will be dumped for you at the Beats: white and red with the letter B on the bowls, all the cool passans go in such and in down jackets))

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November 16, 2022
Has some pros The sound is very good for the money. Has some cons With native ear pads, ears get tired quickly.
November 16, 2022
Has pros: Cool ears are just a bomb for your money, but you need an amplifier for at least 5k to be louder Some cons: They press with glasses on their heads.

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