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Review on Keep Your Beverages Hot On The Go With Hotjo'S Ocean Travel Mug - 18 Oz. by Stan Myers

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The shape of this mug is perfect for what I want. It works out for now but I’m a little suspicious of the lid. You drop the lid in and it has two prongs that grasp the mug in the grove you see near the top. I wonder how long the prongs will last before breaking. If I knew I could get a replacement I would be fine with it. It is ceramic so I’m not sure it can take a fall. Not the mugs fault, I’m just hard on mugs. Ifyouarenot a butter fingers you will be good. Lastly it is a little heavy. All in all I’m gonna enjoy it if I don’t tear it up. Oh, and it keeps coffee hot for a good amount of time just like it should.Update: the lid to this mug is fine. I use the mug daily and never had the problem I anticipated with the prongs on the lid. Would purchase again.

  • The lid is made from food-grade silicone, meaning it is safe for use with hot beverages
  • The mug may be easy to break if dropped