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Review on Charger LiitoKala Lii-500 by Ewa Grska ᠌

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I'm completely satisfied with the product, it works.

1. Charging Nimh batteries: “FastTest” mode (Discharge-Charge), current for AAA-300mA, for AA-500mA. Why "FastTest" and not "Charge"? To eliminate the "memory effect". Discharging before charging the battery will definitely not hurt, and it will not take much more time. 2. Charging Liion batteries: "Charge" mode (Charge), current-1000mA. I do not use currents of 700, especially 500 / 300mA - the heating of the batteries decreases slightly, and the charge time increases. 3. To determine the capacity close to the real one, you need to charge in the NorTest mode (Charge-Discharge-Charge) - the memory calculates the capacity only during the discharge. If the battery is already charged, the device will not re-charge it indefinitely. After 5-10 minutes, the next cycle "Discharge" will begin, at the end, the battery capacity and the flashing inscription "END" will appear on the screen. Do not rush to remove the battery, the next “Charge” cycle is underway. At the end of the cycle, the inscription "END" will stop blinking - that's all. The process is long, it takes 5-10 hours. After checking the capacity and recording on batteries, you can forget about this mode forever. * Current 700mA even for NiMh batteries with a larger capacity (2450mAh) is better not to use, because. the error in calculating the capacity increases and the heating of the battery increases. *Real capacity is determined only when discharging, because. when charging, some of the energy goes into heat! *Liitokala Lii500 is not a perfectly accurate device and often overestimates the capacity by ~ 10-15% *The heating of the device can be reduced by placing the same plastic box from the batteries down in the center, and the heating of the batteries when charging with currents of 700/1000mA can be done by charging them two by two in the first and fourth slots. Why did I choose it over more modern devices? Most of these chargers, despite the name "Universal", are not suitable for charging "mushy" NiMh batteries - due to the too high minimum charge current of 500mA. Litokala has a minimum charging current: 300mA is a noticeably more gentle current (although "tired" batteries need even less -150mA).

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  • This is a charger-discharge device with channels independent of each other, i. E. in any of the four slots, you can both charge and discharge batteries with different chemistry (NiMh\NiCd\Liion) at the same time. The device is compact, cheap, the plastic is not smelly, there is no noisy fan like the Opus. A free cable for power from the cigarette lighter is a very necessary thing in the household, therefore it warms the soul of a 2022 person.
  • Often overestimates the capacity by 10-15% (even in the "NorTest" mode) - this is especially noticeable on NiMh batteries. Strange logic of displaying the capacity on the screen: in the "NorTest" mode, the capacity is shown only when discharging, not showing when charging, and vice versa in “FastTest" mode only when charging, and when charging, a blank screen. Passive cooling - therefore, at high currents, the device heats up, heating the batteries and even the table under it. And when charging 4 batteries with currents of 700/1000mA, the back side of the power supply is not sickly heated. a separate “Discharge” mode is enough - instead of it you have to use a long “NorTest.” You can find out about the end of charging only by the inscription “END” on the screen - there is no sound signal.

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July 13, 2023
Different pros: Design, features, price. Some cons: There are no disadvantages.
July 13, 2023
Different pros: Convenient and visual charger. Its cons: No for this price. As a nitpick, it is inconvenient to get 18650 batteries if there are 4 of them. They sit tightly, you have to make an effort.
May 30, 2023
The charger is very good value for money.
May 29, 2023
Pros: 12 Volt, all modes, all sizes Cons below: does not measure the internal resistance of AA and AAA