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Review on dualsense by Boyan Chukov ᠌

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Quite good, but I expected more from it.

I took it for PC gaming, in the future I will probably switch to the console. The possibilities of triggers for the tactile feedback of a weapon shot or the gas pedal in a race, I want to test. But while I play MK 11, for which I took it) For 4700, which I took as happy as an elephant until you pick it up)

Updated 10 months ago
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To give readers a more comprehensive understanding, I've included some photos to supplement my review.


  • It looks expensive bohato) especially in pink, the functionality is top on the market, plus what no novelty.
  • The disadvantage here is like that of a prostitute from Asia, when everything looks ok, but it turns out with a surprise. This is what happened with my joystick, I unpacked this device, I squeeze it, I imagine how I will play and I understand something is wrong here, as if Baikal was poured into a glass instead of cola, I look at the side and see that the plastic on the left side is poorly docked, what a miserable nano millimeters. But these are such nano millimeters that at the first meeting, it seemed like a cheap fake. I understand that this is not even a marriage, and there are no complaints about the store. Stupidly, the factory made such an oversight. It’s not noticeable when playing, since you hold it with a stranglehold and don’t crawl with it, but when you take it in your hands you just want to grind this damn joint. In general, and in general, I have mixed feelings and write a review purely because of this jamb. Perhaps this is a problem in pink, so bypass it. I would like the backlight of the buttons, but I don’t look at them when I press, but it would be nicer with it, besides, for such and such money) In terms of joystick coverage, it’s also a controversial point, I advise you to compare it live with controller and dualsense, the latter has more dimensions and weight. I took it for PC gaming, there are no problems with this. Upset purely because of the assembly, he tried to shift the joint himself, so to speak, to align, without success. As for the cross, it’s also a moot point for me, the buttons are too tight compared to the controller, again a matter of taste. I advise you to first use it from all sides) but who am I kidding everyone will look at its design and functionality) so take it and don’t worry, your hand will get used to it)

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July 14, 2023
to play games on the pitch not in steam, you need to install ds4windows, and steam will easily recognize it