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Review on dualsense by Janis Endzelins ᠌

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I would definitely recommend the purchase, I don't think there is anything wrong with it.

Personally, I did not regret taking the dualsense. I enjoy this piece of art. True, computer games reveal the full potential of a new vibration rather poorly, and yet there is an opportunity to somehow feel the new and play around with adaptive triggers. True, for this you need something, which I will write about below. The gamepad is easily perceived by Steam without any crutches, but I don’t know how it is played wirelessly (if at all) in this form. Therefore, to completely curb this device, you will most likely need dsx (a Sony-approved program for dualsense in steam). It is paid, but it gives you (almost) full access to the work of your gamepad, allowing you to use what you would not use without crutches (for example, bluetooth game, backlight color, speaker, touchpad, adaptive trigger settings, etc. ). The speaker and microphone work only by wire, keep in mind As for the time of work, then it's hard for me to say something sensible. I've only been playing Rocket League for the last few days, lowering the brightness of the backlights and removing the vibration. Thus, he plowed over 5 hours of bluetooth for me and has another 45% charge, which in theory is enough for 4 hours for sure. With vibration, the percentage is eaten many times faster. To the question "is dualsense the best gamepad? " The correct answer would be NO. Among its compeors, in my opinion, there are no leaders either. Choose a gamepad from your own preferences, capabilities and tastes. Make no mistake. Everyone (both boxing, and Sonya and their other friends) is good in their own way. For me personally, the location of the sticks played a lot. I perceive only two side by side and nothing else, but it's all a matter of taste. I advise you to study more sores and problems of each gamepad. For example, Sonya complains about drifting sticks. I really hope that I will be byped, but nevertheless it is worth bearing this in mind. Bought on GetZon. Ru 2 revision, original, in perfect condition I will ate the review as I use it.

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I hope the photos I added make my review more helpful and informative.


  • -design -convenience -high quality workmanship - minimum problems with connecting to a PC - the presence of a microphone and speaker -new technologies -the presence of a gyroscope - built-in battery - in order to work without delays from bluetooth, it took only the most bespontovy Chinese whistle with bluetooth version 4.0
  • -small battery capacity. they say that it sits down many times faster than the last controller. But specifically for me, this is not a problem, because I rarely sit for more than 6 hours and do not forget to put gadgets on charge, so it's a matter of taste, your capabilities and preferences. For me, this is not a negative. -Touchpad. Some not particularly accurate and useless nonsense. It is better not to enable it in the settings, because it is unlikely to be needed (at least because of the inconvenience to use) -no type-c cable. Alas, if you wish to play by wire, you will have to use wires from the phone or go to the store for a new one. Nothing else with Sony

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