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Review on Astromania III Filter Produces Near Photographic by Aaron Carney

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Affordable AstroMania Nebula Filter

AstroMania O-III 2" Filter - Great Value! Unboxing photos showing how securely it was packaged Shipping information was sent to me by AstroMania and the package arrived within of the specified period.The filter itself comes in a very nice plastic case which is even better than what I have had with other more expensive filters.As this is the only O-III filter I own I could see it visually I didn't compare it to other brands of filters, so I compared it to UHC filters instead (one from Astromania, the other from DGM Optics. ). The AstroMania filter screwed onto my eyepieces easily and smoothly. My observing location was in the Near a big city so there was some light pollution but I drove about 40 miles north of town to a spot where I could see the Milky Way just couldn't see with the naked eye. It was around 4am CST, no moon, 70 degrees and average visibility/transparency. I used my Orion SkyQuest XT12G with Explore Scientific 82 degree eyepieces. During testing I looked at the following objects: NGC 6960 Veil Nebula - Wow! The Veil Nebula looks incredible with an O-III filter. I literally walked around the northern and southern parts of the Veil Nebula and couldn't believe how detailed this filter was. The central part wasn't visible, but I explained this mainly by the sky conditions I was in (not the best) and the fact that the central area has a much lower surface brightness and is difficult to see. The UHC filters were no match for the O-IIIs on this side, but they showed visibility compared to no filter at all. The Ring Nebula M57. The UHC filters really stood out in this setup. The Nebula NGC 6543 Cat's Eye was one of the objects that definitely stood out with O-III compared to UHC filters. Although this object is on the small side, the detail and color really stand out and have been greatly enhanced with this filter. Although I have seen this object without a filter in the past, I was keen to study it with the O-III.M27. dumbbell mist. -III and offered great vision compared to no filter at all. My conclusion after using AstroMania's O-III filter was that if you want to dramatically improve the look of many, many nebulae in the sky, this filter will get the job done, and then some, for a very reasonable price. Some very experienced or professional observers might opt for something that brings out more detail, but at a much higher price. Once again I was very impressed with the product released by AstroMania.

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