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Review on ASUS Gaming VG249Q Monitor FreeSync DisplayPort 144Hz, Height Adjustment, Pivot Adjustment, Built-In Speakers, HD by Robert Morales

Misleading Properties

When my old Dell Ultrasharp died unexpectedly, it was time for a new monitor. I was looking for something under $250 with good color for gaming and general family use. I knew there would be compromises at this price point, so I spent quite a bit of time researching. When deciding on the Asus 249Q, I tried to buy it at my favorite electronics store, Best Buy, but they were out of stock. Luckily Revane had 9 available. UPS damaged the package upon delivery, but the monitor itself was not damaged. Assembly was ridiculously easy. really good technique. My priorities were: 1. Screen quality - IPS panel, 144Hz, 4ms/1ms response time. This is a first generation IPS gaming monitor and I am very pleased with how it looks and performs right out of the box. The on-screen controls are plentiful and easy to use, but I thought the default settings were perfect for my use.2. The quality of the stand - I wanted something durable and adjustable. The stand is pivotable, tiltable and height adjustable. Its footprint is small and I like the minimalist look. The ports on the back are a bit difficult to reach, but I like that they don't break any lines. This monitor looks elegant from every angle, including the back.3. Connections - I needed both HDMI (for my Xbox One X) and DisplayPort (for my computer). And trade-offs: UPDATE - Asus has been far from being honest when it comes to listing the specs. While they did point out that the monitor supports FreeSync, they didn't specify that it was only through DisplayPort and not HDMI. You are smart people and should be aware that this omission is misleading. No G sync. If you're looking to buy or build a computer with a GTX GPU, this can be a problem.2. Connections. There's an HDMI, a DisplayPort, a VGA, and oddly, an audio-in (no audio-out). That's all. No USB. It works for me.3. Speaker. I don't think monitors should try to reproduce sound. It never ends well. This monitor has speakers, and it's no wonder they're flimsy and flimsy. Initially I was very happy with my purchase and give it 5 stars. The monitor has no obvious quality problems. I'm disappointed in Asus for the misleading features of FreeSync support. Should there be any further issues I will definitely come back and update this review.

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Pros & cons

  • I've been using the monitor for several days. Packing: no problem. Monitor: Everything is fine at the moment.
  • Short instructions

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