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Review on The Patchwork Basket by Playalitical Herron

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The Patchwork Basket is a UK company, with the head office in York. They sell hand-made items. You can buy items for decoration of your home or you can get personalized gifts made by them. These are unique gifts which cannot be found in any shop - especially if there are no shops on your city. If you know any person who wants something special and it's hard to find this thing anywhere else, than The Patchwork Basket team will do their best to make that exact item just for that person!

We got an email from the company with the question if we wanted to receive some products for an unbiased review on our blog about decorating websites, so I agreed immediately! As soon as the box arrived at my place I was so glad and happy! I got a lot of things for my home, which they make very carefully and with attention to details. The items were all wrapped in some white paper, everything was packed really well. In the box there were two towel holders, one clock, wooden letters with the letter A as a first letter of our daughter's name (and it matches her nursery design perfectly!), a little candle decorated as a Ferrero Rocher chocolate box and a cute lavender tea-light holder. I am exceptionally pleased with how these items look in our home - they match the style of our house perfectly!

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This is what our daughter's Wall sticker says: "Dream big little one"

The towel holders have a very nice fabric with a soft touch. The colour is natural and the design is cute! They are perfect for our bathroom, which has lavender-blue walls.

You can find these products on their website: . You will see that their prices are really reasonable - you can have some things from them at home even if you do not have much money at all! They also offer a 15% discount code to every visitor of their page, so it's really worth going there to take a look before ordering anything!! If something is not in stock or out of sale , they contact you as soon as possible and try to make another fantastic thing for you. You can get in touch with them by email at: info@thepatchworkbasket.co.uk or give them a call on +.

I am very glad that I got to know this company and their outstanding job! It is amazing how much care they put into everything they do! These items have been made especially for my blog - so now it is time to pass those beautiful things over to another person as a gift from me as a thank you for sending me these!!

The Patchwork Basket is a UK company with head offices in York. They sell hand-made items which are perfect for decoration of your home or as personalized gifts made by them.

  • Huge range of fabrics from the world's best brands
  • Fabrics suitable for any type of project
  • Expert friendly customer service to answer your questions
  • You have to be careful when ordering because they are running out of stock very quickly.