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Review on Samsung Galaxy S10E G970U 128GB Unlocked Android Phone with Dual 12 & 16 MP Camera (USA Version) - Flamingo Pink, GSM-Compatible by nh Bnh ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A great option for this money, one of the best offers.

This particular smartphone is, in comparison to the others that are currently on the market, the one that comes the closest to reaching the ideal. Obviously, this is just my personal viewpoint on the matter.

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  • A previous version, s8, has been running on the exynos. I'm going to contrast myself with him. In terms of the tactile sensations, it's just a pleasure, but despite this, the Galaxy S8 feels noticeably more at home in the palm of your hand. That could be a matter of routine. The G9700 model comes with a good cover (overlay), a film is already adhered to the glass (I was able to remove it without any problems because I don't like them), and the plug on the converter is not a euro standard, but the retailer will provide you an adapter for free. The presence of the radio is a really welcome amenity. On the exynos S8, I did not notice it. As the sound is in stereo and surround, it is really enjoyable to see sequences with a variety of explosions and other effects. The headphones produced by AKG are likewise of an exceptionally high quality. In antutu, the score was 434115, which is quite surprising because everyone else on the internet had a lower score (perhaps because, before the test, everything unneeded in the smartphone was switched off, erased, and optimized). I am not aware of that). If you optimize the way the battery is discharged, the charge on the battery will remain, more or less, worthwhile. I am relieved to learn that they have not yet done away with the 3.5-millimeter jack in the S10 range. Protection against moisture, power, stereo, NFC, amoled screen, optical stabilization, and more are some of the features included. A whole package of everything that you need is at your disposal.
  • There are fewer sensors than there were in the S8. Take, for instance, a notification sensor. The proximity sensor is not as quick to respond as it was with the S8. To get a more frameless screen, I was forced to make some concessions, such as removing the top panel, concealing something under the display (a proximity sensor), or moving the front camera (light sensor). Moreover, the iris scanner is not present (yes, I used it in s8). In addition, they eliminated a pulse measuring sensor in the S10E version (it is available in s10). My experience with the Samsung health app would be useless without it. As is customary, a large quantity of pointless garbage has been crammed into the single available UI shell. Although this shell is utilized by a small percentage of users, it gleefully consumes both battery life and RAM, and you are unable to disable or remove any of its components. In general, this is a very lengthy conversation. Images taken with the front camera while it was set to the "picture" mode uniquely lather the skin. This is not an issue while using the "live focus" mode because the details are more distinct. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Hong Kong version of the G9700 was designed with Asian folks in mind exclusively. Pimples, blackheads, lack of shaving, and wrinkles are instantly blurred, and there is no need to take a bath in photo editors before exhausting yourself on social networks.

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