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vacuum cleaner teqqo aquastick 3 in 1 power, grey/turquoise logo

Excellent vacuum cleaner, suitable for both general cleaning and for everyday, compact, lightweight. I really liked the quality of the plastic and the assembly as a whole. The company is 2022, so consumables and spare parts are availableSee full review

wet food for cats pro plan veterinary diets for diseases of the lower urinary tract, with salmon 10 pcs. x 85 g logo

We took a cat from a shelter with a surprise - the cat has an ICD, but is already in remission, therefore, in order to prevent the disease from reappearing, we keep the cat on a special diet on the recommendation of a veterinarian. You have to buy special food. He likes these spiders the most, and what can't you do for your beloved pet😻See full review

compact dishwasher weissgauff tdw 4006, white logo

It works much quieter than the previous Bosch, I always turn it on after 23 (I save electricity) and fall asleep easily. Husband's snoring interferes more because it sounds without interruption)See full review

smart speaker vk capsule mini, marine blue logo

As a gift, I applied it like this: I turned off the microphone, connected it via bluetooth to the computer as a speaker. The sound from the computer is good, plus I look at the time))) It is especially convenient at night. The column wakes up with the computer.See full review

de&quot longhi dedica ec 685, black logo

Has some pros: As long as everyone likes it. Everything corresponds to the description. Different cons: Very sensitive to coffee grind quality. If the grind is too fine, it stops working.See full review

level kapro plumbsite shark 920-10-50 logo

I took the exact same one from a friend, used it for three years, and decided to take the exact same one for myself. Satisfied with the purchase. For a semi-professional, I think a great thing.See full review

walking track sport elite gb-1170, black-grey logo

After giving birth, I'm trying to lose the weight that stuck to me in all ways. And of course sports help the best. My first biggest purchase was the purchase of a treadmill. The first thing I liked is that the display has all the necessary data (speed and distance), the second thing my husband liked more is that it’s easy to assemble))) And in general, I’m satisfied with the purchase)) it doesn’t take up much space and it folds easily, it’s done well (does not hold together and does not staggerSee full review

hankook tire k424 (optimo me02) 195/60 r15 88h summer logo

Before that, there was Hankook Centum tires - they drove for 5 years (130 thousand km), an egg formed on one wheel, on the rest, only the tread was worn off. Let's see how long these last. Rubber got relatively fresh (49 weeks 2022) Today I "changed shoes", the car went like clockwork . buzz . smile from ear to ear) Thanks to everyone who wrote their reviews honestly, from the bottom of their hearts. Thanks to you, I chose these tires and I am very pleased with the choice! :)See full review

city bike stels navigator 325 28 z010 (2018) light beige/brown 20" (requires final assembly) logo

It is difficult to choose a large product online, so I went to the cham shop to pick up a bike, to touch it, look at the goods, and consult with experts. At first I thought I would just ask the price, and then I would come to buy, but the consultant spoke so well about the product that I could not resist buying. The bike is really wonderful, it was given to my niece for her birthday in April, she rode it all summer, at least something to the bike. The only negative is a large number of people inSee full review

de "longhi dinamica ecam 350.15.b coffee machine, black logo

Long chose and read reviews. I settled on this model, because in the reviews they wrote that the coffee turns out delicious like from a coffee shop. I have been drinking coffee in coffee shops for over 10 years. I was very pleased with this coffee machine, very tasty coffee and, most importantly, it’s quick and you don’t need to run to a coffee shop, and besides, it’s cheaper to drink at home.See full review

armchair kovea ws relax chair dark brown logo

Pros: Metal folding mechanism, dense fabric material. Has a carry case included. Cons below: The price on the site is space. I took it because of a good discount on the market.See full review

case cardholder magsafe wallet on the phone for bank cards, passes orange, cardholder magnetic, magsafe card holder made of eco-leather as a gift logo

Has some pros: The workmanship is good, smooth seams, rich color. The magnets hold well, you have to rub hard to break it off. Cons below: I don't always get the card out of the cardholder the first timeSee full review

de "longhi ecam 23.460 coffee machine, black logo

I am writing with six months of experience. I liked the quality and design of the coffee machine right away. The final result is also very tasty coffee. There is no need to save on the quality of water, grains and milk, this is the result. I use only filtered water, Arabica beans. I do not regret the money paid extra for a model with an automatic cappuccinatore. But don't think that everything happens by itself. The milk container is removable and stays in the refrigerator all the time, I wash iSee full review

soundbar jbl bar 9.1 black logo

When listening to regular stereo music, be sure to turn off the "smart mode" (hold the MUTE button for 5 seconds, then release it and immediately press the plus sign). Then it plays well. Pros: Dolby Atmos sound, especially in movies, is great. Better than my old 5.1 system. Music in the same format from Apple Music (via a connected Apple TV) is also great to listen to, the positioning of instruments is well read. There is a built-in calibration of the optimal mode of the listening position, itSee full review

10.4" tablet honor pad v6 wi-fi (2020), 6/128 gb, wi-fi, android 10 without google services, black logo

With its pros: 1. performance - super (although I don't play) 2. appearance - excellent 3. communications - high speed wifi network, modern BT 4. screen - no complaints 5. loud speakers Cons below: 1. I would like to have a mobile network on board (because 4 stars) 2. speakers make a little booboo (too low)See full review

watch casio edifice ef-552-1avef logo

This evaluation is more about the sellers than it is about the timepieces; it only takes a few of days to complete. Casio warns prospective purchasers of its watches to exercise caution, stating that beginning in 2022, all watches will be required to have a new warranty card featuring a hologram and a barcode, as well as a guarantee that is valid for 24 months. Additionally, new ef-552 watches will feature a polycarbonate case with a dark foam rubber infill. The first purchase was a failure sincSee full review

yokohama ice guard ig55 205/60 r16 96t winter logo

In addition to good cross-country ability in deep snow, the rubber did not recommend itself for further purchase. Weak grip on ice will not allow you to effectively use the braking distance or implement vigorous acceleration. The noise from the spikes is not strong, there is a rumble, but it is not uncomfortable to ride with it. Weak cords contribute to the discord in the effectiveness of management. I think you can find better tires for the same money. In general - go.See full review

composter master garden with lid 800 (800 l) green logo

Good composter. Of course, it’s not easy for a woman to open the elements from below in order to get ready-made ones, it’s easier for a man, because. the pegs are tight. I was amused by the advertising on the packaging about rodents, because. I already have two of these (the first one without a bottom is already the second year) and now the old rats and mice gnawed at the plastic, gnawed out a decent hole .See full review

vacuum cleaner xiaomi mjcmy01dy, white logo

I advise you, you can’t clean the mattress with another vacuum cleaner Has some pros: Was satisfied. Vacuum cleaner with a full-fledged rotating brush, only with a soft bristle. Collects almost everything. Powerful enough. On the sole - a UV lamp with two sensors, until the product is completely on the surface - the lamp does not turn on. Quiet. From the bed 200 to 180 and from the sofa 200 to 120 I collected a full container of fine dust - I hope, the same one that then settles on the furnitureSee full review

michelin pilot sport 3 275/40 r20 106 year old logo

205 / 55ZR16, with beautiful flags on the sidewall :) Adequate price (4500r), comparable to a wooden Bridge of the same dimension (we drove, we know). It’s problematic to break a slip, and if it does, then there won’t be much screeching, the rubber confidently drags the car forward. The sidewall is really very soft, if you are going to tumble into deep holes at 100k - rubber is not for you. We need Bridgestone here. And who needs comfort combined with a sporty character - the Michelin Pilot seriSee full review

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