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MICHELIN Pilot Sport 3 275/40 R20 106 year old Review



Very good

Revainrating 4.5 out of 5  
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Description of MICHELIN Pilot Sport 3 275/40 R20 106 year old

Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 - thrills On the move! A tire that allows you to feel the full power of the car and provides excellent handling for sporty driving Variable Thickness Sipes have a self-locking effect, which makes the tread stiffer. Special ribs located on the inside of the tread blocks stabilize the blocks during acceleration, braking and maneuvering. The asymmetric tread design is made using the patented Variable Contact Patch 2 technology. The technology is based on an optimized contact patch shape that allows you to take corners at a faster speed.


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Revainrating 1 out of 5

Disgusting quality, impossible to use.

On a journey, in the Kirov region, a tire on the highway was pierced. Especially for such situations, I bought RunFlat, and relied on the 80 km of emergency travel declared by the manufacturer. In fact, without driving even twenty kilometers, he crumpled the entire tire cord, after which it was only scrapped. The quality is disgusting.

  • Silence, manageability
  • ZP- not RunFlat, let you down at any time

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The right product for me, there were no problems.

Who like me like it! I have ridden them and will continue to ride! It's comfort, it's safety, it's practicality! I choose them! All good roads! Got pros: Been using Michelin for many years! At the beginning, Energy was rolling with a change of car and the wheels had to be changed. Now I am driven by Michelin Pilot Sport 3 235/45 R17. Rubber holds the road in all conditions perfectly! I am a fast paced rider sometimes. I didn't hear any noise from it in my car. Not on turns or straight. Her wear

I liked the rubber for some reason, but the sidewalls are soft, hernias and tore one of the rubbers, hitting a hole, under heavy rain kept the car on the highway perfectly, even went to overtake With its pros: You don’t notice the difference on dry wet asphalt, it enters the turns like it’s on rails. Rubber 18R-225-45 Its cons: soft rubber, hernias, self-tapping screws stick (several a week, I don’t remember how many different rubber and cars there were), dirt does not like

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I like it, thanks for the quality product.

I bought a pilot sport 3 size 205/55/16 for 11.700 thousand. per set on the bald oak bridgestone, the turanza began to leave. I ran 300 km no more than 80 km / h and felt the excellent work of the ate. The rustle of rubber, I don’t know who writes about the roar from the arches of noiseless wheels, the wheels have not yet been invented. Testanul in the rain, normul. Its only drawback is that it is rubber for normal European smooth roads, and not for pits and gravel of the native land. Soft…

  • Myaggayayayaya, even very. The road keeps excellent on dry, on wet rails. Doesn't make noise. Comfort and traction
  • Very soft not for our dead roads. Soft sidewall

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not a bad product, but you can do better.

I counted on the brand, but the expectations were not met, after five seasons of use and a run of 35,000 km, the tires became unusable, numerous cracks appeared along the cord. I have to throw it away, because I'm afraid to continue to exploit them. Previously, in the same mode, they went up to 10 years.

  • Size 205/55/16 took on the Corolla. Relatively soft, quiet, tenacious, well balanced.
  • Very expensive! Cracked very quickly. After the wear of half of the tread, the braking properties deteriorated significantly, the tire became stiff, as if it had shrunk.

I bought it in the spring of 15 on ff2 in the amount of 205/55 / ​​ZR16, drove 10 t. Km on it. for the season. Produced in Spain, 0215. Aggressive driving style, the previous Nokian was not enough. The best tire model that I rode on my focus was the factory Primacy HP, then two seasons of the Nokian Nordman SX. Michelin are excellent and best speed tires, tried them at speeds from 160 and above, at 200 they behave predictably, like on rails. Rulitsya very clearly and sharply at any speed…

  • Braking is excellent. Coupling, high-speed qualities Handling is excellent, in any weather, on any asphalt Quiet, soft, comfortable tire The track is not felt, the presence of a protective side for the disc, Absolute confidence on dry and wet asphalt Puddles in a rut cuts excellently, no hint of demolition. Confident handling in turns, like on rails. Excellent behavior at near zero temperatures) Lives up to the Pilot Sport name
  • did not notice, did not find any cons for myself as for heavy wear, as many write here, as a disadvantage, I will say this, it all depends on oneself.

Premium class tire for high performance cars Golf GTI, Skoda RS, Opel OPS, etc. A good everyday solution for tight suspension with short travel. provides comfort. Tire grip is not enough for previously listed vehicles tuned with a power of more than 300 hp. Now stands on the Octavia RS (Revo st 2) mileage 20 t. Km. wear 80-90%. A little lacking in accuracy. I advise you to buy. Tire quality is top notch.

  • Smooth ride, low noise, high quality workmanship, strong sidewall, stable at 250+ speeds
  • Insufficient lateral and longitudinal grip for ultimate loads, wear

Revainrating 4 out of 5

What you need, a cool purchase, I advise you.

225/45 R 17 Y for Skoda Superb. I installed it in May 2022, I rode it until November 2022, when it started to snow, because at minus 5 the rubber does not harden, I traveled 15,000 km. Didn't rotate tires. Front cylinders wear 90%, rear wear about 60%. There are no hernias, cuts, the protector is worn evenly. The driving style is moderate: I never started with axle box, I didn’t slow down with a whistle. The average speed on the highway is 130-140 km / h. A couple of times accelerated to 245…

  • Quiet, holds the road well, the track is not felt, soft, the presence of a protective side for the disk, cuts puddles perfectly, absolute confidence on wet pavement, the car enters turns amazingly, like on rails.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

A little bit not what I expected, generally fine.

Rubber R19, different wide, stands on the X3 e83. The first thing that was unpleasantly surprised was the rumble. It starts somewhere at 60, completely disappears after 110. The gap between 80-100, it feels like a truck is driving nearby. Further - it is not a sport, do not be deceived by this word in the title. Compared to the previous Pilot Sport 1, this is an ordinary civilian rubber. For nausea. In the rain it is worse than the same Sport 1 or, standing on a different set of wheels…

  • Softness. Good braking.
  • From 80 to 100 is very buzzing! Very noticeable. In the rain, in comparison with the previous ones, worse. The grip is mediocre. Certainly not a sport.

Bought a long time ago. The first cylinders were produced in France, others - in Spain. Took on BMW E36. I asked the tire fitter before the season - which ones are the best and which ones to take. He said - Michelin and no one else. I took Pilot Sport 3. I will remember for the rest of my life how I was driving 140-160 km / h in heavy rain on the M7 highway. And it's rear wheel drive!

  • Excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces due to the soft rubber compound Excellent hydroplaning resistance. Excellent level of acoustic comfort. High level speed index (Y)
  • Weak wear resistance due to the softness of rubber (this is the physics of the process, you can’t get anywhere) Weak side. High price.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Reliable product for all occasions, quality on par.

205/50R16. In general, I did not plan to buy it, because. it is unlikely that this rubber was developed for 150-horsepower sedans :) But the tasty price and the fact that the tires were released less than six months ago played their part - in the end I bought them. There are no complaints about handling - they perfectly hold the road both on dry and wet asphalt, efficient and predictable braking, excellent hooking (breaking into axle boxes on good asphalt is an almost impossible task for my…

  • - Excellent handling. - Tacky. - Despite the Hi-Perfomance, it is quite soft and comfortable, quite suitable for everyday use.
  • - Expensive. For the money that they are asking for it now, I would hardly take it - Noisy.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Not everything is so bad, the average purchase in quality.

There is no comfort here. Take those who need a handle and who are ready to put up with noise and hum. I thought the rubber should break in and the noise will pass, but no - it didn’t get better. For comfort, it is better to choose Primacy 4 Has some pros: 1. Rulitsya excellent. The car runs like it's on rails. 2. Grip is always excellent. It is unrealistic to break into the box. With its cons: 1. Noise. It's just a scribe. After the winter silent Velcro is very catchy in the ears. 2. Does not…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Just super, it's beautifully made, I'm very happy with it.

car lexus is250, 2.5 208hp rear-wheel drive, just put a set of used tires, 11 thousand for everything, front 225 45 17, rear 235 45 17. I just came from testing, what can I say, I'm impressed, I would put all 6 stars, the grip is simply unrealistic at any speed, the car has completely stopped slipping, even in the wet, it just presses from a stop and that's it, also braking to the floor from 140 which is wet or dry, the car immediately becomes a stake, even the ABS does not stab. Rulitsya very

  • just an unreal grip at any speed and on any surface, wet or dry, steers incredibly clearly and sharply
  • noisy, but I think it's because of the temperature, + 3, it gets warmer, it should become quieter, it reacts to the track

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Average purchase, there is something to complain about.

Rubber r16 205/55. Bought to replace Bridgestone MY-02 Sporty Style‎ for golf 6 1.4 tsi. The previous tires were afraid of water (I don’t know if this is connected somehow, but there was a directional tread). She cut puddles, but as soon as there was a turn, she continued to go straight . There was also noise - a common thing if the tread is directional. Didn't win in management. Both the old tires and the new ones - both kept perfectly dry. True, on the bridge the demolition was without a…

  • - Soft. Plus - not noisy, though when compared with my previous Bridgestone MY-02 Sporty Style‎ - quiet. - A strong cord - it is possible to park in grinding to a curb. - It rides well in the rain, but it is better not to check for the maximum hydroplaning speed.
  • - Soft. Minus - the feeling that the tires were developed by marketers. The rubber index is ZR, in fact, 2 cylinders were enough for a season (in Hong Kong - it is equal to one calendar year). 30 thousand and the side cord has already climbed. Rear 50%. Moreover, at 15 I threw front-back. - Noise. As soon as the wear reaches 50%, a hum appears. So specific, it disappears only on perfect asphalt. - Only for asphalt. The slightest dirt or snow and that's it - the car stopped.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Performs its functions, nothing unusual.

dimension 255/35 r19 in a circle all wheel drive car about the unreal holder, as many write, I can’t confirm the information in May I went to the winter one - so it makes less noise and kept better or at least no worse on corners where it didn’t skid on the winter one, on this small skid and noise

205 / 55ZR16, with beautiful flags on the sidewall :) Adequate price (4500r), comparable to a wooden Bridge of the same dimension (we drove, we know). It’s problematic to break a slip, and if it does, then there won’t be much screeching, the rubber confidently drags the car forward. The sidewall is really very soft, if you are going to tumble into deep holes at 100k - rubber is not for you. We need Bridgestone here. And who needs comfort combined with a sporty character - the Michelin Pilot…

  • Soft tenacious Comfortable Works great on wet roads
  • everything in our world is relative, for myself I did not find any cons

Modification 225/45 R17 94Y used on Volvo S60 2.5T AWD. These are tires for excellent and good asphalt, the coating worse causes fear that the tires will not stand up and deteriorate either from a sharp stone or a deep hole. Although, perhaps this is my subjective impression, the roads were different, 10,000 km were covered in April-October 2022, the tires are in perfect order. Wear for such softness is acceptable, it should be enough for 2-3 seasons.

  • Excellent tires, worth the money (28 sput). Sports character. Excellent road holding at any speed (tested up to 220 km / h in New Riga). The ride feels very comfortable, the ride is smooth, but control is not lost. Quiet, they rustle nicely. They behave phenomenally in the rain of any strength, both in a straight line and in corners - as if you were driving on dry asphalt.

This is the rubber where the word "sport" in the title is not a marketing ploy. Yes, these tires are designed for the track, for the race, for dynamics and feel. Amazing traction without being so stiff that your teeth fall out and not so noisy that you think you're taking off. For any car, regardless of power, this will be a great option for dynamics and drive.

  • Excellent handling! Not as noisy as competitors.
  • Not found