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table service luminarc diwali p2961-p2963, 6 persons, 18 items logo

Everything is fine, there are only minor drawbacks.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

In principle, for such money and with delivery (2250) is acceptable. But, it's still embarrassing. The plates are really crooked. Everything was well packed. There are no delivery issues.See full review

onkron d101fs monitor mount 13"-34" desktop, up to 8 kg, tilt, swivel, black logo

I needed a bracket for the monitor to put it vertically, it was not possible to mount it to the wall and to the table, I found such a solution, quite successful and not expensive, very convenient, and you can carefully stretch the wires behind itSee full review

wireless compact mouse xiaomi mi wireless mouse 2, white logo

The product can be used, I expected a little more.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

In principle, a good mouse for the money. A little tired hand from long work. The main disadvantage is that the button on the wheel stopped working, for me this is criticalSee full review

memory card samsung microsdxc 256 gb class 10, v30, a2, uhs-i u3, r 130 mb/s, adapter to sd logo

I didnt expect the quality to be so high.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Delivery on time. Corresponds to the declared characteristics. Philippines production. Photo speed tests. Excellent price.See full review

portable acoustics jbl charge 5 ru, 40 w, gray logo

It has some flaws but the product is usable.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

The column came, immediately put it on charge and saw that the rubber gasket did not hold. I don’t really want to return it, maybe (smut), but suddenly something is wrong with the assembly inside and it won’t hold water?See full review

processor amd ryzen 7 5700x am4, 8 x 3400 mhz, oem logo

It's silly to complain about a perfectly balanced chip. Yes, not the top, but enough for the 3070Ti. In the CSN for five expensive.See full review

ninetygo urban.daily backpack, yellow logo

Thought it would be a little smaller. Too big for a short girl Some pros: Excellent tailoring, comfortable on the back, easy access to the contents, very roomy, back with a tab so that the contents do not press on the back Has cons: Not as light as the reviews say. But due to the comfortable fit on the back is not feltSee full review

cpu cooler id-cooling is-40x, black/white logo

Money to nowhere, poor quality of the goods.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

I do not recommend to buy. During installation, the bolts do not even reach the grooves in the motherboard (see photos) and you have to tighten the bolts "by eye" and with a slight overzealousness, you can bend and kill the motherboard.See full review

armand basi eau de toilette l "eau pour homme blue tea, 75 ml logo

It cant be worse! A waste of money.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Its pros: I ordered it, they delivered it quite quickly, in a day, the smell from the toilet lasted longer, after 2 hours, everything was weathered, approached the neighbors, confirmed, there was no smell left, if you want money down the drain, buy it, pecked because of the price, and 60% off, complete rubbish Got cons: This is not toilet water, but from the toilet, and then from the toilet the smell lasts longer, forget it for 2 hours, the packaging is not very good, the bottle too, the feelinSee full review

hankook tire optimo k415 185/65 r15 88h summer logo

Today is 2022. tires were purchased in 2022. With pleasure I take the same one because there are too many patches on the old one (I drive on nails)))). And, so I would go for a couple more years, that's for sure. With this rubber, it smoked in place and the handbrake pulled at speed. I like rubber. And for those who are noisy in the cabin, I advise you to choose a car with a good Shumkov. They will buy buckets and look for comfort.See full review

helly hansen sneakers, size 9.5us, 853 grey fog logo

Completely standard product, nothing remarkable.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

A very contradictory impression. On the one hand, I snatched them for a promotion for 6.5 thousand, when everywhere they cost 12. Like the HH brand, I would like perfect socks. Really very comfortable, but something is wrong with the materials. In terms of strength - I go for six months, even sometimes on construction sites, while there are no hints of wear. In principle, for 5.5 thousand I would have taken a second one of the same light ones, they are no longer worth it.See full review

electric scooter xiaomi mi electric scooter 1s, up to 100 kg, black, cn logo

In overall, I am happy with the scooter; however, for this price, you can only get a used 365m from us. Some pros: The scooter has a high level of craftsmanship; it was sent in a cardboard box and was wrapped in cellophane; the scooter itself remained undamaged, despite the fact that the box had wrinkles. Below are some downsides: The Chinese version, which was only able to connect to the application after the region was changed to China. In contrast to the global version, there is not a spare wSee full review

📱 black xiaomi redmi note 5 global smartphone - 6/128 gb logo

He had the HTS flagship for a whole two years. As a test, I've opted to use this phone. I'll get this out of the way first: when picking a new phone, I always weigh the benefits against the drawbacks. So. Give us the lowdown on the highlights. There is no overheating of the phone. Long periods of use at temperatures between 27 and 30 degrees Celsius won't make your hands sweat, nor will carrying large weights. Autonomy. It's only a day off work. For the first several days, I held on tight to makSee full review

🎧 immerse in superior sound: sony wh-h910n h.ear on 3 wireless noise-canceling headphones - black logo

With the exception of the model 900, my choice of technology has never been so disastrous. there were none of the aforementioned issues. Sony - you disappoint me Below are some advantages: used in place of WH-H900N as a substitute for I didn't see any benefits, other than the fact that they keep their charge for a longer period of time. Sadly, I wasn't able to locate the 900s for sale; it would be preferable to repeat them. Cons: It is the same with the H900N, but there the shell is larger and dSee full review

microsoft xbox series stellar shift bundle logo

Any USB Type-C cable can be used to make the connection for the cable connection. The benefits of it include: Bright design, solid construction, connectivity, and functionality without the need for tambourine twirling. Some cons: Although there are no cables accessible, there are spare batteries. despite the fact that it is stated in the product description that this is the case.See full review

galaxy buds plus wireless international logo

Since the identical Air Pods are not fully "revealed" on "green" devices, I would personally recommend these headphones to individuals who have android, but everything is up to your choice and personal discretion. Different pros: Since I started using headphones, three months have passed. I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. Excellent quality of sound. The sound is only a little bit better when compared to Air Pods, and maybe on an equal footing, the difference can only be felt See full review

intel i3 3245 3 40ghz processor bx80637i33245 logo

I've had this CPU for four years, and for the past two, I've barely even shut it down—just the screen. This type of fraud makes the processor happy since it guarantees success. When using Intel's default cooling, my processor never gets hotter than 45 degrees, even after days of continuous use, which is, of course, fantastic! This thermal paste is the DEEP COOL Z5. The Nvidia GTX 980 Ti is a stable graphics card that I recommend for everyone using such a processor.See full review

samsung galaxy a53 smartphone 5g 8/256 gb, black logo

The price and quality of an Indian-made phone are getting close to meeting my needs, but the price has gone up by thirty percent. Taking into consideration the salaries we will receive in 2022. Below are some advantages: In the process of all the benefits of a new brand of Samsung smartphone for me, I am currently in the process. Android 13. The answer regarding what version of One UI 5.0 you are using is in no way current. a display that is crisp and colorful, a camera that is adequate, and a cSee full review

get unlocked samsung galaxy a71 a715f dual sim lte for international use - 128gb prism crush blue - no us warranty logo

You've Got Pros: I bought Honor 30 for myself around a month ago, but I completely forgot about the purchase. It was simply incompatible with a great deal of the software I needed to use for my job. Consequently, I decided to switch to this Samsung as my replacement. Both the camera and the overall functioning of the gadget have not suffered in any way. Everything is to my liking. Got cons: The battery life is a significant drawback in comparison to the 30th Anniversary Honor. If the thirty can See full review

nokian tires nordman s2 suv 225/65 r17 102h summer logo

Keep making customers happy Possesses positive attributes, including wheels that were all produced in the same year and excellent packaging. Cons: The courier was one hour late, we are making adjustments for weather conditions, and there was a significant amount of snowfall on the day that the package was delivered.See full review

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