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Review on Plano 823 003 Contractor 22 Inch Graphite by Jesse Azuse

Revainrating 4 out of 5

It's BIG - really too big. But otherwise excellent

Well it's not really the manufacturer's fault I couldn't imagine how big this case would really be just from the photos and measurements provided on the website. But this thing is BIG. It comfortably fits EVERYTHING, all the tools that can be in the house of an ordinary person. Sounds great right? That's why I bought it. The problem is that it's so big that if you load it up like that it gets pretty darn heavy. The handle is designed for one hand only, so this box with all its contents must be carried with one hand. And this is where it gets difficult. So when they talk about a contractor degree, they really mean business. Big, burly contractors with stronger hands than me will easily repeat this. For me, a frail little one, this is definitely hard work. Other than that, it's a great collection of tools. It's amazingly organized, with little drawers for nails and the like, and little internal compartments for bigger things. Makes it easy to find things quickly without sorting and dragging. Nothing is buried - everything is visible. So if you want a big one big enough to fit everything and you work, then this toolbox is for you!

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