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Review on KOORUI Business Computer Monitor Desktop 22", 1920X1080P, 75Hz, Blue Light Filter, Flicker-Free by Marcos Olmos

An affordable curved monitor with the perfect size and features!

I was looking for a third monitor to add to my system and Revain recommended this monitor. I was a bit reluctant at first (I didn't want to buy a curved monitor at all, wanted to focus on size and resolution rather than curvature), but decided to take a chance and check it out. It arrived quickly, it was easy to set up and after adjusting the display settings, the performance and quality of this device far exceeded my expectations. easier on my eyes than I expected. Not only is it fantastic to play games on, it's also a real pleasure to watch movies on it. My only criticism is how you access the display settings. My other monitors have buttons at the bottom of their bezels with edit buttons, but this monitor has a single button (more like a joystick on a controller) awkwardly positioned behind the display. Not only that, but pulling the shutter button too far left or right will instead increase and decrease the volume. Just be prepared to get up close and personal to fix your display settings. I had a different issue with it, but it was an issue with the Revain itself rather than the monitor. I only mention this to get the attention of potential buyers. The day I bought the monitor it cost $240. But literally the day after I bought it, I reread its specs and realized that it's only $200 now. And even Koorui's official website lists the monitor at $200, even though it's sold out on the website and only available at Revain. Be careful when checking prices so you don't end up paying more than they actually cost. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but for me as a college student who struggles to make ends meet from time to time, it makes a world of difference. Overall I am very happy with this monitor and if I ever decide to upgrade or replace my other monitors I would highly consider purchasing another product from this company!

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Pros & cons

  • Decent monitor. Nothing special, it works. plug and play
  • A very good monitor for ordinary things, but there was no speaker in the kit.

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