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Review on Upgrade Your Display with Lenovo Q27H 10 27 Inch Monitor: Backlit 2560X1440P, 75Hz, USB Hub, Low Blue Light, IPS Technology by Charlie Woodruff

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great FreeSync monitor. with small nuances.

So first of all I love this monitor. Colors are good, contrast is decent (could be a bit better at angles), and the design is quite appealing. The "borderless" claim, as with almost all modern "borderless" or "rimless" designs, is only about 90% true, as there is no plastic bezel around the screen (well, a super thin one, anyway). a black bezel on the screen when on. It's easy to ignore when using the monitor alone, but you need to overlap your displays in a multi-monitor setup so that the black borders on the screens of such displays don't double up and mess up the Eyefinity stream or other multi- monitor arrangement. The stand is unique and easy to install, but I'm not 100% sure if the screws on the back under the stand's attachment point are for VESA mounting or if they are screws required for the monitor and therefore not practical to remove. "Manual" is a page showing how to set up the stand and that's it. Information about it is scarce or non-existent. I am not sure I would want to remove these screws to see if they are VESA mount compatible until I can confirm that they are suitable for the purpose. Usually monitors don't have screws in the VESA holes so I'm not sure. Colors are good from an angle, but the blacks turn out to be a little less dark. The menus are relatively easy to navigate, although as with all monitors, rather than using four buttons for everything, it would make sense to simply turn on the remote and allow menu navigation like a TV. Fortunately, there is no power indicator on the monitor. Monitor that spoils the viewing experience. There is a piece of plastic on the arm to route the cable, but it's pretty much useless if you don't want the cables to be visible under the monitor, as this can only be oriented sideways, not backwards meaning the Cables are visible instead of being hidden behind the mounting bracket. USB-C charging capabilities are good but require rear access. More interesting is the ability to power and connect the display on some DisplayPort-enabled devices using USB-C. If you can't do this, you can always use the included power adapter (proprietary, not a standard monitor cable) and use HDMI or DisplayPort -Standard size 1.1 or 1.2 (Since the maximum resolution is 2K/1440p, you need DisplayPort 1.4 here.) AMD Freesync is supported and will no doubt add to your gaming experience if your system has an AMD GPU. Overall this is a good monitor for general use, gaming (75Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time). not bad), multimedia and web surfing. If you're a hardcore athlete, this might fall a little short of what you need in terms of refresh rate, but it will be more than enough for most gamers. For photo/video editing, word processing etc it might not be the best choice as it's probably not VESA compliant (maybe they'll get back to us on that) and the color profiles are at a basic consumer level ie e.g. unprofessional side of things. But if you're in that group of people, you're willing to spend a lot more to get what you need, and the takeaway here is that this is a great monitor for the asking price. Given the circumstances, I'm giving it five stars. I believe it's 4.75 stars because of this VESA issue/situation, but that's a bit of a pick.

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