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Review on Earto D233 Backlit Wireless Keyboard And Mouse: Fixed Rainbow Backlight, Type-C Rechargeable, Full Size For Windows PC And Laptop by Ryan Will

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Writing this review with this keyboard & mouse!

First, tested on a PC.Worked as expected. Was fairly responsive for both keyboard & mouse. Even tried the mouse jiggler mode, which seemed a bit excessive in it's approach, could have just swirled the cursor ever few seconds in a small circle. But it was roving all over the place - but still - nice feature.The DPI button which is below the wheel - which btw, it not pointed out in the manual, but this is the common placement worked as expected. There are 4 dpi settings: 800, 1200, 1600 and 2000.Note: when click on DPI button you'll see the mouse scroll button flash 1 thru 4 times depending on which mode you select. Thus starting the mouse, then clicking once, you see it flash 4 time. Nice feature is that it remembers where you left it. So if you power off and back on, it will be whatever you left it last.Color modes on the mouse was a nice touch. Mouse will sleep after 90 secs of inactivity, thus saving batter power of the led lights around the base.The feel of the mouse is of a nice design. Not too small or too large. It is of a bit smaller design that say a typical gaming mouse, but I'm sure it was designed to be comfortable for small or large hands. There's no frills on the mouse buttons. Left / Right and Wheel - which can also be depressed as a button.The wireless receiver is tucked into the base of the mouse. I was used to seeing it tucked into the based of the keyboard. Plugging it in on Windows 10, it was recognized, loaded up drivers and was off and running.Keyboard has 4 color modes: Off. Low, Medium and high intensity settings. Use Fn + Scroll Lock = off. Fn and Up arrow or Down arrow for up and down. Keyboard backlighting will only stay on for 30 seconds of no use, then turn off. This is not adjustable. I would be nice if it was.Keyboard has a bit of noise to it. It's not as noisy as a mechanical click, but does have it's own unique sound. So if you're looking for a very quiet keyboard, this would not be in.Its loaded with all the keys you'd want and more. Even dual WIN keys on each side of the space bar. It's own 10 key pad. Full function bar with all the normal keyboard shortcuts you're full size keyboards would have. Impressed with this. Most wireless keyboards tend to shrink out a lot of these features/keys.Also did a test on one of my raspberry pis. Plugged in the wireless transmitter/receiver and it immediately saw both the mouse and keyboard. Keyboard was very snappy and flipped thru the menus with little lag. The mouse on the other hand as not so friendly. Very laggy. However, it did work. And this is not the first I'm I've seen lag from a mouse on a pi. But just wanted to report that.I'm going to use this keyboard on the pi since it has backlighting which is very handy if you're using your pi to play movies in a very dark room. Since the keyboard goes to sleep to save power, very handy for this use case.Last test I did was to plug it into the Xbox Series X and PS5. It worked and allowed me to use the keyboard to move around the menus. At a later time I'll try to see how the mouse/keyboard works from a gaming point of view. Will report back here.So, on the PC, it wasMFR: Need to update manual - says 1200 is default in dpi adjustment section, but says in parameter section its 2000.

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