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Review on 20-Hour Playtime Aiwa Arc-1 Bluetooth Over-Ear Wireless Headphones With Audiophile Sound Quality by Brian Forbis

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great quality at an even better price

It's true. These headphones are fantastic. And for the price, they're stupid. I'm sitting here listening to DeadMau5 "Avaritia" and it's blowing my mind how good these sound. Currently I'm streaming AAC bluetooth from an iPhoneX using the Walmart Music HD app which can send up to 24-bit / 44.1 kHZ. I can't comment on the aptX as I don't have any devices that tuse that codec. But from what I have read AAC is considered on par and even better in some ways than atpX. I can't even tell the signal is wireless unless literally nothing is palying there's a standby fuzz. But that goes away once playing any content at all.I have owned these for 2 days now. Not long. But I can already say that there is a break-in period. My initial impressions were good, not great. But after 8-10 hours of playback using a variety of music they have improved a LOT. I am starting to realize just how incredible of a value these headphones are. The sound is very balanced. These aren't bass-head cans. But that's not to say they have no Bass. They have what I'd describe a natural bass signature. Bassy tracks are still fantastic though. I also own the v-Moda Crossfade cans and those are way, way more tuned for Bass. But the bass on those is overwhelming and introduces a muddy signature to the subtle mid-range tones. These Arc-1 by Aiwa are clearly masterfully tuned to shine through all frequencies. Highs can be a little overwhelming in some tracks, but volume-wise. The lows, mids and highs all come together in a such a way that I've never quite experienced. Quite frankly, it's amazing for the price. I thought I'd have to spend $500+ to get such a well-balanced, quality sound from headhpones. I've tried "value" headhpones before. Most or surprisingly good. Cowin and Skullcandy comes to mind. But these are on a whole different level. These are truly audiophile -at least as audiophile can get via BlueTooth.When plugged in these also sound great. Depending on source, they sound nearly the same. I have read that for some people they sound awful when plugged in. I have to say that there must be either something wrong with their headphones, the cable or the source because mine don't sound bad at all coming from my computer.I can't say much more as it's only been 2 days. But I can say I'm already thrilled. I bought these for $130.99. They came out at $199.99 and just a few hours ago they dropped to $99.99. For that price you should not hesitate! If you're looking for great quality Bluetooth audio with no frills, these have to be one of if not the best option out there for anywhere near this cheap.As for the the little things. The cables are a little short. But I don't buy headphones for long cables. That's a very minor nitpick. Also the feature to connect a 2nd pair of headphones to the Arc-1 directly to share audio is pretty neat. I haven't used it. I likely never will use it legitimately other than to show it off. Other than that, the battery seems fantastic. I ran them straight from the box for 3 hours last night and then for the last 5 hours =today. They have 4/5 dots still. So I guess they are just champions in the battery department.Buy these. Don't even worry about it. You can't regret it. The only people I wouldn't recommend these to is super bass-heads. They sound great with all the genres I've tried. But you're not going to get that bass-in-your-face effect. These are for people who appreciate a variety of music and want it to sound how the creators intended.Also Walmart's price match policy sucks. I bought these for $130 2 days ago and now they dropped to $99.99. Of course Walmart won't refund me $30. It's pretty dumb for them to allow returns for any reason with this policy. Because someone like me is just going to return a perfectly good product and then buy another one cheaper. And everyone is going to lose money. That's exactly what I'm going to do.

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  • 9 ounces
  • No noise-canceling feature, which can be a deal breaker for those who are looking for complete immersion in their music.

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