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Review on πŸ“Έ Neewer 10ft/3m C-Stand Light Stand with 4ft/1.2m Extension Boom Arm, 2 Grip Heads & Carry Bag for Studio Photography, Video, Reflectors, Umbrellas, Monolights, etc. (Basic Version) by Michael Caste

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Hollow arm - camera and photo

The secret difference between this ($140) and another ($145) Neewer (Heavy Duty) C-Stand is that it has a hollow but slightly longer boom. The other is about a foot shorter and made of solid steel. I already crumpled the hollow and tried to tighten the clamp - it immediately returns. After the first fitting my hands were covered in little shiny bits of "chrome" and for a second I felt great. Oddly enough, this "lighter" stand has a large washer between the notched clamps so it slides on it under some weight, the other has no washer and the notched grips hold up well. The "fall" is useless, can you imagine those 3 heavy uncovered pieces of steel clinking?

  • arrows and stand
  • There are other interesting options.