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Review on Get Your Little Ones Excited To Play Pretend With Our Doctor Kit For Kids – Includes Stethoscope And Costume Set! by Billy Mariner

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Detailed review of the kit

All items that came in the kit can be seen in the pics.Age appropriate as far as the contents. The mid rate is because the pressure cuff needs to be bigger with larger Velcro strip to fasten where needed for a snug fit. Naturally kids want to check their parents/older siblings pressure.What I like about this toy kit:•The amount of stuff in it. Definitely enough for any child to get their imagination flowing in the role of doctor.•The plastic seems of good quality.•The doctors bag is well put together. The only odd thing was the inside has extra material that should be pressed into the bottom corners (see pic).•The thermometer only has the degrees in Celsius. So it lends for a teaching opportunity since not all countries use Fahrenheit.Some of the issues I thought the kit I received has are the following:•The thermometer seems a little weak at the seam where the plastic was put together near the slider that changes the temperature reading. The number are in red and very dim. It’s a plastic slider that the fixed numbers are moved with. This has 3 settings. (See pic)•The pressure cuff is small. On my 4 and 6 year old it had to be placed on the wrist and it was almost too small for that spot. Also, if bulb is pressed too hard or in the wrong spot it caves in. (See pic) I’m not sure how I’m going to fix it. The plastic is of course squishy, but it might have too much give to to this.The dial on the cuff will spin. However, it MUST be facing up/upright. Also, squeezing the bulb too softly will not cause the dial to spin. On the other hand squeezing too hard keeps the bulb from inflating "quickly”.•There is a tool that looks like it could be a magnifying glass; plastic of course. Nothing can be seen when looking through it. It’s extremely blurry.

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  • My 3 year old loves it
  • The kit may not have realistic or accurate medical information for educational play